How to install a USB mouse or mouse on my laptop or laptop

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This time we will not talk about how to connect a keyboard and mouse to the mobile phone, but how to connect it to the portable PC or laptop. Now, later we'll give you all the information on what a USB mouse is, what it is for using it, we will also talk about how you can install a portable mouse and not the least of the advantages you need to have using a mouse or a laptop mouse.

So we can say that a mouse or a mouse can be one that has a cable to connect it to the USB port or it is also that equipment that it does not have a cable, that is, it is wireless , these are very important when you use your PC both this laptop and a table, as it allows you to select, copy, paste, cut, open and close, so we want to give you all the necessary information so that you know more about its use .

Connect and install a wireless mouse via Bluetooth on my notebook PC

To properly install the new portable mouse on your laptop via Bluetooth; You have to follow in detail the steps that we present below; so you can be sure it has been connected correctly

  1. You have to open the Bluetooth option of your PC
  2. Go where it says "keyboard and mouse"
  3. Turn on the mouse to share its Bluetooth signal
  4. Pair both devices and voila
  5. After that, the Windows system will notify you that the installation is complete

What should I do if the mouse does not have an adapter?

If you have a wireless mouse and the adapter in equipment is lost or damaged there there are few options to make it work . The most effective is to activate the Bluethooth connection of the mouse and make connectivity between both devices.

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Another possible option is that the adapter can be replaced by purchasing a new one; You can call the store you purchased from to request it or call technical support for assistance. Finally, you can too configure a different adapter compatible with your pc, install it and that's it.

What to do if my laptop does not recognize my mouse?

In order for your PC to recognize the mouse you are using, you must perform at least one or more of the tips we provide below.

  • Check that you have the batteries or that they are installed correctly
  • Turn the mouse off and on again
  • Move the mouse as close to the laptop as possible
  • Place a surface underneath where it can be moved easily
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable to another port
  • Turn off or restart your computer
  • Try it to work on another pc, to be excluded

Mouse drivers compatible with your computer

Drivers are one tool that allows your pc to communicate with hardware components (keyboard, mouse, etc ...) and it is possible to perform some advanced functions to increase its operability. The main ones in the use of this technology are the famous Gamers; even designers, architects and other professionals who need more precision with the mouse.

There are some applications that let you know which are the most suitable drivers for your pc; one of them is Snappy Driver Installer, which can be saved to a USB drive and placed on any computer. Another of great importance is to lead Talento; This lets you know which drivers need to be updated and installed.

There may be others as well which might be useful for your mouse , such as: Driver Booster, Driver Pack, Device Doctor, Driver Easy, Driver Max, Driver Update and many more ...

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