How to install and run Microsoft Office on a Google laptop or Chromebook

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If you're a Chromebook user and need to compose documents, you've probably wondered how I can install and run Microsoft Office ? This is a simple process and here we will explain how to do it on Google and Chromebook.

The notebook market is currently very large, and a company the size of Google couldn't be left behind. For this reason I am so-called Chromebooks arrived on the market , which are a type of laptop that carries the Google system. In which you can run a large number of programs, also having the ability to open mobile apps without any problems.

    How is the Office package commonly used?

    Primarily the Office pack is widely used by companies, brands, workers and students to carry out a wide variety of activities. It has different tools very useful for both database creation and presentations; each of its programs creates a harmony to organize the day.

    However, it doesn't stop there. The Office suite features various applications or programs that are to be used via a device with a supported operating system . In general this is Microsoft Windows, however you can use these tools on a Chromebook even if it has a Google Chrome operating system.

    What are the Office programs for?

    These programs serve a carry out many activities, both professional and student than recreational. Depending on the needs, in the Office package we will find a tool that can facilitate the task, allowing us to work optimally by taking advantage of all its features.

    In the case of Google and Chromebooks, you can take advantage of these advantages having all the Office packages on the device .

    What programs does the Office package consist of?

    Later we will describe the programs that make up the Office suite in so that you know what they offer you and what you can do with them.

    Write your texts with Word

    One of the main programs is Microsoft Word . This is very common in many areas because it allows you to create documents of many types. IS a text tool in which you can write anything, plus it has a wide variety of formatting tools, as needed.

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    It is one of the applications easier to use in the Microsoft Office suite being vital both in the workplace and in the student field.

    Create charts, budgets and more with Excel

    Another of the most important programs in the Office package: Microsoft Excel . As companies grew, it was necessary to have a calculation tool that minimized errors. Here's why this program is so important: offers endless functionality to create all kinds of control documents , databases, math charts, budgets and much more.

    In Google and Chromebook you can take advantage of this amazing tool for create all kinds of databases and algorithms that allow you to optimize an activity.

    Create your presentations with animations in PowerPoint

    In the same way, PowerPoint isn't far behind . This program has it all graphic tools to create professional presentations. It is widely used by companies in their various meetings, making the most of all the material that can be used in it.

    Taking advantage of the Chromebook's design, Google allows PowerPoint to be installed. it is also possible use the device directly as an emission medium , containing everything you need to make professional-grade presentations in the palm of your hand.

    Usa l'e-mail Microsoft: Outlook

    Likewise, Microsoft has its own email: Outlook . This is the old "Hotmail" where you can enjoy all its features and more! It is included in the Office package and with it you can organize your emails, send, receive, archive, use the chat to talk to your contacts and much more.

    It offers many interesting customizations that will allow you to have full control of your email. This way you can organize your emails however you like .

    Take notes with OneNote

    Another interesting application of the Office package is OneNote , where it is possible take notes of all kinds . Likewise, you can attach files, documents, set alarms, reminders, and highlight anything you want.

    While there are programs similar to this, they don't compare to the experience Microsoft offers when it comes to note-taking.

    Save and share your files with OneDrive

    In the same way, OneDrive is an application that offers a cloud storage service . You will find this application in the Office suite, which will allow you to easily save and share your documents.

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    On Google and Chromebook you can take advantage the free storage that Microsoft offers you , giving you the ability to free up space on your device.

    Take online lessons with Microsoft Teams

    Last but not least, Microsoft Teams . This program allows you to enter private chats with audio and video so you can see your lessons as well as possible. It is very useful for remote study and also for important meetings.

    In Google and Chromebook it is more important facilitate the process of being present in meetings or classes through the different channels of the device.

    You may notice that the Office package offers several interesting programs , which are usually essential for good work and student development.

    How to install the Office package?

    On this type of computer, programs are installed via the Google Play Store. Which is pre-installed in the terminal and with which we can install Office. First we need to open the app store, usually this is located in the taskbar of the operating system.

    While loading we will notice that it is very similar to the mobile version, so it will be very familiar to us. If we don't look up there is a search bar, here we will enter the name of the program we are looking for. In this case we need to enter Office , then press Enter to start the search. An icon should appear with the name of the app and on the right side a box with which we can install it.

    We have to press on it and wait for the program to download so that it will be installed automatically afterwards. It should be noted that this program has been available in the store for some time. But may not be displayed , so it's a good idea to update your Chromebook. In this way, the store will also be updated and you will have access to all recent apps.

    How can I open programs on my computer?

    Once the app is installed on our Chromebook, we will notice that an icon has been created on the system tray. From here we can run any installed App without any problem, just click to start it.

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    You can also check your apps in the start menu and you can also open them from here. Running apps on this system is very similar to that of a Windows system , so it's easy to adapt. In case you have any doubts about working on this type of computer, you should know that their apps are very well optimized and their execution is very fast.

    Allowing you to open many large Excel files without any problem, it is a great alternative as an office computer that you can work with very quickly.

    You should also know that all Office apps on Chromebooks are compatible with desktop apps, then you won't have any problem when you send a file to a PC that does not have this operating system. You'll also have the option to print your documents directly from your Chromebook, without using another PC.

    If this is the case and you have your executable from the desktop version of Office and want to use it on your Chromebook, this is absolutely possible. You just need to install a plugin from the Play Store. First of all we have to open the store and search for the 'CrossOver' app and install it the same way we install Office. After installing it, we must proceed to open it and wait for it to load.

    This app has a simple look and an intuitive menu, for this process it is recommended to have administrator permissions active. In this way you will not have problems installing applications of this type, we must use the central search engine that brings CrossOver. We can write any word, what interests us is the option that says 'applications not listed'.

    If we click on this option, a window will open in which we can select the .exe to install, we just have to select the one for our Office and click accept.

    This will start the installation of the program, exactly as it happens on a computer with a Windows system.

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