How to install and update TWRP Recovery on my Android phone step by step

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TWRP is for those users who want get the most out of your Android mobile phone. It is a free program, which offers its users the possibility to perform infinite tasks through its menu User interface, Install, Backup, Mount, Advanced, Delete, Restore, among others, through which it is possible to make updates, delete junk files and so on .

In this sense the Recovery TWRP it is one of the most complete in terms of technology and is compatible with many devices.

    What is recovery mode for on a mobile phone?

    Recovery mode is meant to troubleshoot the device. In fact, this mode is intended only for emergency circumstances. Inside there are some options that allow you to reset the mobile after internal breakdowns or problems. In turn, through Recovery, it is possible restore the mobile phone to factory settings and other similar actions.

    What is custom recovery?

    Android phones natively have their own recovery mode. Even so, for many this mode can become somewhat limited, which is why some users have started create custom versions , note anche come Custom Recovery.

    I Custom Recovery sono solo modified versions of the original Recovery which add extra features. They are essentially intended for those users who wish to modify or change aspects of their mobile from the basics of their software.

    Is it possible to install TWRP without being root user?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to install TWRP if you are not a Root user, since to install a custom Recovery you need to access the advanced system functions. For this reason, it is important that before proceeding with the installation of TWRP, make sure your mobile is rooted .

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    Differences between CWM and TWRP

    Perhaps the most obvious difference is that the CWM installation mode requires the access to restore or use external programs . On the other hand, the installation of TWRP is much simpler, being its main requirement that the mobile is rooted.

    On the other hand, in terms of current options, both are very important. Either way, it needs to be pointed out that TWRP is more advanced and also has touch functionality , which makes it much more convenient to use.

    How to enter recovery mode

    The first thing to do to enter recovery mode is to turn off the device. Now press the simultaneously reduce button of volume and the power button until the mobile phone is switched on. You will notice that the boot will be different and you will appear in recovery mode.

    The main thing is to have the root already installed on your Android. This requirement is met. You can choose between two ways to install and update TWRP Recovery, here we explain the two ways to do it, choose the one that best suits what you need:

    Using the app on Android

    • Now it's up to us to choose our mobile phone from the list of options presented to us, if by chance our cell phone name does not appear in this list , you have to use form 2 which we will explain later.
    • Once you have chosen your Android phone, it's up to you to choose the version you want to install or update, click on the selected one
    • So you have to confirm by pressing where it says " ok"
    • Once confirmed, it will take us to the TWRP official website
    • And here you can finally download it, by clicking on it. Wait while it downloads, patience.
    • Once the restore is downloaded, you need to return to the TWRP app
    • Then choose the flash file and look inside the download options " Download" where the recovery file was saved
    • Now check next to this to check it and click Select.
    • Then, among the options, choose "flash to recovery" in the window that appears, confirm flash by clicking on "0k".
    • After all this, turn off your phone and restart it in recovery, once it reboots in this mode you can do whatever you want.
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    Using Hole XDA

    • This path is for those users who do not see the restore in the initial application.
    • Search on Google Play, the official TWRP app, click on it and press the green icon that says "install" and then accept. Wait a few seconds while it installs.
    • Once the installation is complete, search for the app installed on your phone and open it, select the terms, conditions and root access click "Ok" to acquire.
    • Next, choose the option that reads TWRP FLASH, if this part requires root access, just grant it by pressing where it says "allow".
    • Now, let's minimize the application and enter your Internet Explorer, in the search engine you have to search the XDA forum website once inside the forum manually search for recovery. Once again positioned in the TWRP forum search engine followed by the name or model of your Android. Several recoveries will appear, choose the one with .ing extension, when you find it click on download
    • Once Discovery is downloaded, go back to the application
    • Now select the flash file and search for the recovery you just downloaded with the .ing extension
    • Then click on "flash to recovery" in the window that appears, confirm the flash by clicking on "ok".

    • After all this, turn off your mobile and restart it in recovery mode, once restarted in this mode you can do whatever you want.

    Exit recovery

    Now if you want to exit the recovery, look for the reboot alternative, click on it and then select the "System" alternative. Finally, if your mobile is not rooted, the best alternative is to install TWRP from the computer. However, remember that being an Android root user offers many benefits.

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    Applications to install Custom Recovery such as TWRP

    There are several existing applications to install a custom recovery, but the most popular are TWRP and ROM Manager. We know a little about these applications for get a customized Recovery .

    TWRP Official App

    Undoubtedly TWRP is one of the most recommended applications to change the recovery options of your mobile. You can and in fact it is this space that we recommend to get the application.

    ROM Manager

    A great alternative that we have at TWRP is ROM Manager, an option that we recommend in case you cannot install TWRP. You can also and then easily install it on your device.

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