How to install, configure and activate WordPress Multisite

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There are faster and easier ways to launch a web page and WordPress is one of them, today there are many users who use it, plus it has backup copies and tools that can be very useful, you just have to learn how to do it. a web page in WordPress.

Basically he has the job of being a content manager and that is what is ingrained in the world of the internet. Furthermore, one of the important data is that it does not require a greater knowledge of a programmer because it offers a fairly complete and practical system for better creation and access, it is important that WordPress is installed in Spanish.

You can give your page a unique touch, but you just have to start and design to your liking, in the world of the internet there are many tools and strategies that are currently being applied. Creating quality content is a task that not everyone accomplishes, but it can be learned through these tools that exist.

How to install, configure and activate WordPress Multisite

It is important to point out that this option is not provided directly by default, but you need to follow a few steps the first is to install WordPres already running, the next step for a To activate the Multisite is to modify the file in the INSTALLATION n, the root. To change it you have to do it via FTP, locate it and edit the wp-config.php file.

The next step is to go to the network configuration and click on tools to access the options and create the multisite .

It is important that if your website is new you have to choose between subdomains or subdirectories normally have to choose subdomains. If your site has time, you will no longer have this option to choose. The next step is edit the network details.

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You proceed by entering the network title and the network email, once finished you click on install and the last and most important step is return to the edited file.

Then, you need to add the lines of code that you will have in the presentation panel and paste them into the file, it is important to create a backup copy . If this file doesn't exist you can create it. In this way you will have activated your Multisite in WordPress.

Also, remember that da Multisite you can also create and manage WordPress plugins in the same way as a normal site.

WordPress Multisito

Maybe you already have WordPress, but you want to add more sites, so what you need is to activate the Multisite, basically what it allows you is create a network within WordPress , this is mainly required when you have more than one website you use then you need to access a multisite network. The best thing is that you can do several sites but on one network.

It is a much more flexible system when creating blogs thanks to its great features and tools. can create websites with different contents and sections on your WordPress website and thus being able to realize the ideas you have regarding your website, here you have the tools you need to start what started with creativity.

Actually this is quite a popular option, you can give freedom to your creativity, imagination and create on this site what you want about web pages, create real quality content. It's a simple process, but first you have to perform several steps .

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Activate your themes in WordPress

The main thing is to log into my sites and enter your website, go to my sites and go to network administrator, then click on the topic. The next thing would be to click on network administrator. Finally, click on the word plugins, and we will activate them for them to work for other available websites you have activated with the multisite.

In Plugin we will select everything and give the option of mass actions and we will proceed to press apply, if it is a theme you have to follow the same steps, but in the activation of the network you select the themes. This way you will already have the your themes and plugins active on your WordPress sites.

They are tools that this content creation site has to make your work easier and adding Popups in WordPress will give you many complements alike.

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