How to install multiple offline programs at the same time in Windows

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It is true that the Windows operating system has various programs which can be of great help. However, downloading and installing them from Windows Store or otherwise can be quite a tiring task and might take a lot of time.

You can install multiple programs at the same time in Windows ? If yes then how can you do it? In this article, we will show you a small list of programs that can help you with this task.

      Need to automate Windows tasks?

      Of course it is necessary, since doing so avoids downloading them by hand and saves a lot of time. It is common for Windows to need various programs and tools such as a browser, a music and video player, etc.

      This process of installing programs becomes annoying when you need to format your computer due to some problem. Or by formatting and installing Windows 10. it could also be the case that it is infected with some virus or just for security or maintenance reasons.

      This is when you have to reinstall all Windows programs . In addition to that you will have to do it one by one which can be time consuming.

      And if you need to manage multiple computers, automation is a must. This way you will be able to access them remotely if they work and are connected.

      Plus, with a tool that lets you automate your programs in so that they are installed, it will save you time that you can spend on other things. That's why we're now going to show you what kind of programs you can use to make your life easier.

      What programs to install to Automate Windows?

      We have selected a small list that will help you see what options you have and download and install the one that best suits your needs.


      This is especially useful for Windows as it is compatible with systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It gives you the opportunity to choose a list of programs and an installer so that these programs are downloaded and installed on your computer.

      Also, this list offers you programs free and popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can install any programs you want, and there's a huge variety.

      You just mark the list you want and of course the custom installer and this way you can download these programs automatically. It also allows you to install multiple computers at the same time in its paid version Ninite Pro.

      Patch my PC

      This program will allow you to keep your apps up to date and install applications for your Windows quickly. In other words, this program will analyze what you have installed to see if any need to be updated.

      And best of all, it sorts it in a list by colors. Red for apps that need an update, green for those that don't, and black for those you haven't installed yet.

      Furthermore, it is compatible with more than 100 titles and best of all, it is not necessary to install it. This is because you can use it on a USB memory and thus update more than one PC. You'll also be able to program it to carry out periodic updates.

      in spurts

      You can download this program just like the previous one, it will keep your applications updated and install the ones you want at the same time. It also offers you a fairly large list of programs and includes a search engine so you can find your apps more easily. And not only that, but it also organizes them by category, making the search for Applications is more practical.


      It has more than 1.000 compatible programs, making it a good option for keep your apps up to date . And, of course, to install as many programs as you need at once. It is primarily designed to be used via commands, but has a graphical version for use with the mouse.

      Just install

      This program, unlike the previous one, does not have one graphic version , i.e. you can only use it via commands. It is specially designed for system administrators or local networks and therefore has a variety of apps to suit every user's needs.

      While many may not like it for its command line, it's actually one of the best options. It will allow you to install the applications you need on not just one but multiple computers

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