How to install or update the Android operating system on a mobile from scratch

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Currently mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets are quickly and easily accessible , we can do many things from installing VR glasses to discovering secret codes , so that from a small child to an adult can use it in a simple and easy way.

Due to overuse of our devices we can run the risk of finding ourselves with harmful malware or viruses which can give us problems and damage your phone or Tablet, here we will teach how to update or install the operating system from 0 for any irregular problem with your phone.

How to install or update the Android operating system on a mobile from scratch

      How to install or update OS from scratch?

      To begin our journey through operating systems, boot or phone formats, we need to know the steps we take if we have problem with android device.

      If we are not satisfied with our operating system or have problems with it, in our current mobile device, we can change anything we want with a little help from this guide to update and install an Android operating system without too many problems.

      How to update the Android OS?

      update our android phone , we must first save or back up our mobile data to ensure that all our important photos, videos or documents are not deleted.

      All those files could be inserted into one Micro SD with a good capacity and save everything, or the simplest solution is to connect the phone to our PC and copy all the files, you can also open an account on the Internet and save a large number of files and then lower them again.

      After having backed up our mobile, we proceed to enter "configuration" or "settings" and we look for the option called "Security Updates" that will notify us at some point if there is any update available for our device, if there is no, you can give the option "Check for updates" once or twice to go out, all this must be done with a good Wi-Fi connection.

      If the update comes out, it will give us an announcement for download and install it in case we leave the phone waiting for the update, immediately after downloading it it will shut down it will take a few minutes to configure the update options so do not despair.

      In case it doesn't come out an update for our mobile, it is possible to download one externally through our PC and install it, looking for the indications of our mobile so as not to make a mistake and get stuck.

      First we search for the OS compatible with the latest update, then it we download and unzip it , just before installing it we must start and install a recovery mode to recover the data in case something goes wrong, and given all the steps we download and install the update by copying, hitting and turning off our phone, once it is turned on it will be configured, thus giving birth to our update.

      How to install an operating system on Android?

      Knowing the updates of Android operating systems, since they are created and confirmed by Google, we will be able to have many of them quickly within our reach with a basic operation after their launch, giving way to software improvements after constant use of the system. .

      If you want to place a operating system from scratch on a mobile, we can do a very simple thing, download the necessary operating system and place it on the phone, but for this you must follow the steps to the letter so as not to make any mistakes and remain damaged.

      First we have to look for the exact model of the phone which we can find both in the box of the device and also in the part rear under the battery, write it down and confirm all right. Then we will search the internet for an operating system compatible with your phone model or identical to place it.

      For the next step you need a program, we can use the Flash tool for this or another called Odin . With that ready, we can connect the mobile device to our computer and with the program plus the downloaded operating system we can continue installing it.

      Since the system starts from 0, it will take some time for recognize the components of the mobile phone and configure itself correctly, after a few minutes it will turn on to let us know the new operating system installed and configured.

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