How to install Windows drivers via USB on Mac using Bootcamp

Microsoft and Apple have had a business competition for years. Since both were on the market through their operating systems, Windows and Mac OS, fought for the hearts of people who are good at computers.

How to install Windows drivers via USB on Mac using Bootcamp

Each of these operating systems has its pros and cons. Either of them can be used for specific tasks or to use certain programs. Therefore, that's enough Useful that, instead of joining the competition and choosing sides between the two clubs, you can have one of the two teams. This ends up being very useful when you need a specific task.

And, thanks to advances from Apple headquarters, it's possible to have both operating systems on a Mac. So if you own one, but are more of a Windows user, or just want to have both operating systems, see below for how to do it. This, through a tutorial very simple , with an easy to understand step by step that we have put together for you. See below how to do it. Related to this article you may be interested in how to put MAC bar in Windows 10 – Customize Windows 10 as MAC

      The preliminary steps

      Before you start, keep in mind that the whole process is done very easily through an app for Mac call Boot Camp Assistant . This wizard will do the entire process for you automatically, as there's little you need to do to get Windows on your Mac.

      However, before you have it on your Mac, you will need to go through some steps, like preparing your storage device USB . To install Windows on USB, you must have a device of at least 16GB which must be formatted in MS-DOS (FAT) and the latest Mac updates ready. See below how to do it:

        Install Windows on your Mac

        Now that you've downloaded Windows to your USB storage device, you'll need to install Windows through it. But before you do that, you'll want to use a wired keyboard and mouse, so you don't have driver issues. Once the problem is solved, install Windows in this way:

        • Plug your USB device into your Mac computer, then turn on your computer.
        • So, you will have to select the option to switch to Windows. This option will appear when you hold down the Option key while booting begins. Once you see the different boot options, release the key and you're done. Select the option that appears as Boot Camp .
        • Now go to file explorer, then nell'USB and open the run file which will look like setup.exe. Here you will be asked for some permissions, just click "Yes" for all of them.
        • Then click on the option Repair and the whole installation process will start. Note that there is a possibility of an error when it comes to the Windows boot logo, but ignore it.

        So, you just have to press OK at the end of the process and you can now access Windows or Mac with the computer boot options we mentioned earlier.

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