How to install Windows on any Android mobile phone or tablet?

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Many users are fans of Microsoft operating systems for its manageability and the many tools it offers; however, it is difficult to see an operating system as Windows 10 on different devices from computers.

Despite this, it is not entirely impossible to be able to install Windows 10 on any Android mobile or tablet and, Although the operating system works quite well, some security measures need to be taken to back up our information in case of data loss.

How to install Windows on any Android mobile phone or tablet?

If you have decided to install Windows on your mobile or tablet, there are three important aspects to consider before starting the procedure: to avoid complications during installation.

The precautions you should take are: have a backup of your drivers, have a rescue disk and a backup of your data. Once this is done, you can easily install the Windows operating system on your Android phone or tablet.

    Install Windows 10 on mobile or tablet

    There are two simple ways to install Windows 10 on your tablet or mobile device. The first is log into your favorite browser and search for Windows 10 and you must register as an insider to have access to downloads and updates.

    The other widely used method is download the ISO, always from the Windows page. This will allow us to choose which version we want to download. We will have to select one in Spanish and we will see that a list will be displayed for 32 and 64 bits.

    On the Windows page we will see two options (x64) and (x86) which are the equivalent versions of 32 and 64 bits. It's important select option (X86) , which is the version compatible with most tablets.

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    Install Windows with different sources

    In case you don't want to sign up in Windows and are willing to risk a little more, you can go in any page you download file Torrent , come Kickasstorrents.

    It doesn't matter which mode you select because the result will be the same and you can install the operating system without any hassle on your tablet or mobile device

    Steps to install Windows on your mobile or tablet

    Once the ISO files have been downloaded to your PC, you will need to copy the files to a USB stick or disk . You will need to burn the disc with the ISO images to start the installation.

    Our tablet must be connected via a USB port to the PC, because from there we will install Windows on the device.

    Once the disc has been burned, we will have to access it to see the information contained in it and we will have to click on the Setup icon, which will open the Windows installer and once this installation screen opens we will have to select the option called "Download and install updates", then click Next.

    The Windows installation process will start on the table, but this process may take some time. Once the process is complete, Windows will open on your tablet or mobile device.

    If for some reason it crashes during the boot process, don't worry. Press and hold the power button until the device turns off and on again and you will see that the installer will be exactly where it left off.

    Windows configuration on mobile or tablet

    Once the installation process is complete, you will need to set up Windows on your mobile device or tablet . It's pretty much like setting up Windows on a computer, except it changes the way it's presented.

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    You must enter country, time zone, establish a Wi-Fi network, configure your user. Once everything is set up, you can safely disconnect your mobile or tablet from your computer. Windows will do some automatic configurations where it will install applications and set up the desktop. This procedure is quite fast.

    If you want, you can turn off tablet mode so that the experience is the same as on a computer. To do this you will have to go to the notification bar and from there deactivate tablet mode. You will see that the navigation buttons disappear, you will have access to the classic Windows menu and the applications will open in Windows.

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