How to install WordPress on a local server with Wamp Server

An extremely useful platform for creating web pages is WordPress , which is popular with thousands of copywriters around the world. If you want to start using it and enjoy all the options it offers, no problem, because here we show you how to install WordPress with Wamp Server as local server .

Here we will show you how to get started use WordPress easily and quickly from a local server. If you follow the advice we are about to give you, we assure you that you will get excellent results.

      How to install WordPress with Wamp Server?

      Enjoying WordPress and all the features it offers is a huge boon for anyone in the writing world. In addition to being used a lot, it is one really useful tool to be able to run a blog of real quality.

      But for fear of harming some aspect of the system, you may not dare to try all the features and plug-ins you want or make big changes.

      Here because we recommend that you use a server locale . If you install such a server in WordPress, you will be able to try all the options you want without affecting the original system where you have the important information.

      That is, you can do as many experiments as you want before publishing them, without any limitations or fears. We assure you that you will not regret installing WordPress on a local server.

      What steps must be followed to install WordPress on a private server?

      Seeing the wonderful options that WordPress offers on a local server, it is natural that you wonder how you can start enjoying it. Well, let's show you how you can do it with the help of Wamp Server, which is a server or database that allows you to use WordPress privately .

      • Download and install Wamp Server to start the process
      • Now you have to install WordPress 2020 in Spanish from its official page.
      • Once the download is finished, you will find the compressed WordPress file.
      • Put the zipped file in a Wamp Server folder of your choice, so you can unzip it on your local server.

      This is the first part of the process of installing WordPress on a local server, now you just need to follow a few simple steps. The simple process to complete installing WordPress with Wamp Server is:

      • Enter your Wamp Server.
      • Once opened, type the address tttp://localhost/ in the browser to be able to open the home screen.
      • There, go to the database manager, which you can do by clicking on the phpmyadmin name.
      • Create a database by filling in the boxes shown there and click "Create".
      • Now open the WordPress folder you chose earlier by searching for it in the Wamp Server browser.
      • When you see a message on your screen that the configuration file could not be found, you will need to click "Create configuration file" to continue the process.
      • Time you will see a welcome screen . To continue, press "Let's go do it".
      • On the next screen you will be prompted to provide connection details with your WordPress database. Enter the name you created in phpmyadmin and leave all other options as default, remembering to leave it without a password.
      • Once done, you will see a message saying "Everything OK!" to let you know that everything went well.

      That's all! Once you have followed these steps to the letter, rest assured that you will have installed correctly WordPress su un server locale con Wamp Server. Now you just need to log in to WordPress to start using it. Of course, we must keep in mind that we are talking about the Windows version here, so in other versions this process may vary.

      The key to having a successful website is to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible learning possible to continue to grow. That's why we encourage you to continue learning about this topic and get the most out of your WordPress account.

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