How to join a clan in Free Fire by name or ID from your mobile

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If you haven't downloaded and installed the Free Fire game on your mobile or computer, you might be interested in doing it now. If you have an Android mobile and are looking to create a clan in free fire , you can do it faster than you imagine.

For Android mobiles, you can download the game from Google Play Store instead, for iOS devices such as iPhone, just enter the App Store.

How to join a clan in Free Fire by name or ID from your mobile

First, you need to enter the clan section, which is a banner in the main menu, when you enter you can see a list with all available clans a which you can access.

If you already knew the procedure and are interested in how to search for a clan in free fire with ID, just enter the clan search engine and enter clan ID a you are looking for or want to join.

This game, even if it is not in the list of the best free games for Android phones, it could easily be, do not waste any more time and download it now!

What are clans in Free Fire?

If you've ever played Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, you might be related to the clans, which in Free Fire are also called guilds.

Each clan has a certain number of players, yes support each other for different purposes. Clans are also used to socialize with new people.

In clans i tournaments are enabled every Thursday , then clan members can earn nameplates which can be exchanged for prizes and / or rewards.

On the other hand, there is honor, it allows for the clan to level up and, as you can imagine, the more members the clan has, the easier it will be for the clan to level up.

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As you can imagine, there are rankings that determine which ones they are the best clans of the moment . Currently, "24K" is considered one of the best.

In social networks, when you search for "Free Fire Clan to join 2020" you can find free fire clan id , even WhatsApp groups to find clans and make new friends.

How to get out of a Free Fire clan?

It may happen that at some point, you don't get along well with the clan in which you joined or instead, consider that they are well below your level or well above you.

Regardless of what happened, you are free to leave the clan , however on some occasions the game may not allow this.

In case 24 hours have already passed, the procedure is very simple. Just enter the clan section, press the part where the member list is located and then select a door image in the lower left corner.

If at any time the game is not responding correctly, it could be due to specifications of your device or to your Internet connection, however it is very important to know how to eliminate the Free Fire lag.

In case of slow Internet , sometimes the task of leaving a Free Fire clan can be difficult, as can playing any game with stability.

Can I create my own clan in Free Fire?

Knowing how to join a clan, you may be interested in knowing like inviting someone to a clan in free fire 2020, and in the years to come, for that, you have to give them the ID or search their profile directly.

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To create a clan , enter the clan section, you must have 1000 diamonds or 5000 gold. Hit the bottom right option that says "create clan".

Once you hit the option, you can enter name , change the slogan (a short description of the clan) and the region.

Among the settings there is the possibility to allow anyone to join the clan (automatic approval method) or, conversely, to those who need the authorization of a leader or vicelider ('approval' approval method).

If you are looking to accept a clan request in free fire 2020, it's simple, when you enter the game press the right face, go down on "request" and accept the invitation. Even if it's not part of the games available offline, don't wait any longer, download it now!

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