How to know and see what kind of processor my mobile or Android mobile phone has without using applications

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The processor is one of the most relevant components of your mobile, as it is what determines its performance. If you want know and see what kind of processor your mobile or Android mobile phone has without using applications , please read the following information carefully

Clearly, not everything is the processor, so it is recommended that you free up the RAM memory of your mobile if you plan to run a powerful application. Returning to the topic, to see the processor model of your mobile read the following tutorial carefully.

    Where can I see the features or specifications of my phone?

    This can be done easily from the menu "Settings or Settings" of your phone and look in the options for the one that says "About phone", because there you can see important information such as the model number, the version of EMUI and Android installed, as well as the IMEI code, CPU, RAM, phone memory and some others useful specifications.

    For this you will need to access the settings "About the phone" where you can locate the RAM or internal memory of your mobile phone, without having to install anything. Even if you want to avoid saturation, always try to keep only the necessary files on your mobile and debug the ones that are not needed.

    Look at the type of processor you have without using applications

    This method is not functional in all cases, as it depends on the level of customization and the system available to your mobile phone . In any case there is the possibility to see the model of your processor by accessing the configuration options of the device.

    • To test it, the first thing is to go to the configuration options of the mobile, just click on the icon " Settings ".
    • Near the end of the options, you will find " Phone information ", click this option.
    • Depending on the device, processor information may be displayed, although in some cases this information is not available.
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    Once you find the processor information, all you have to do is tune your Android device to run faster and in case you still don't see the CPU model, you can try the methods shown below.

    Look at the processor type of your Android mobile using a website

    Another very efficient way to see the processor type of your mobile phone without using applications is to access a specialized website. If you want this method, you should know that any web platform can be functional for this purpose, as practically all of them display processor information.

    In any case, if you want to access a platform that shows all the information in an organized and easy to understand way, it is better that you log in to Kimovil. Once in Kimovil, just go to the " Processor ", where all information related to the CPU of your mobile device will be displayed.

    Look at the type of processor of your mobile using the applications

    While the goal is to show you information without using apps, surely using an app is an option we shouldn't rule out.

    There are many applications that can help us to see in greater depth the characteristics of our device. In any case, the most recommended application to see all the features of the mobile is CPU-Z . It is possible, it is highly recommended, as the application does not take up much space, in fact it weighs less than 2 MB.

    Use CPU-Z to see the mobile processor model

    • Once the application is installed, proceed with running.
    • As soon as the application opens, processor information will be displayed. This information will appear in the first tab " SOC ".
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    • Here you can see the processor model at the top, the number of cores (cores) it has, the lithography (size that is measured in nanometers nm) and the frequency at which it is currently operating.
    • In the same way, the information of the graphic processing system and other very relevant data are displayed.
    • On the other hand, CPU-Z stands out because you can see all the information related to your device. Just move between the different tabs and you will be able to learn more about the components that make up your mobile .

    Knowing your device's processor and the number of cores it has might give you an idea of ​​whether it is capable of running a specific application. In other words, if you are unsure whether a specific game will run on your device, know the processor you have and the amount of RAM on your mobile is very important.

    In any case, if the previous application does not convince you, there are other ways to know the technical characteristics of your mobile. Regardless of the method used, it is advisable to be aware of this information for everything we have mentioned before.

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