How to know how big the recycle bin is in Windows

In Windows, regardless of the version in question, be it XP, 7, 8 or 10, there is a very important element, but which always goes unnoticed and is none other than stationery for recycling. Here we discard those files that we no longer want to use or simply delete them from our computer. But it will be possible to know how much is the size of the recycle bin in windows.

Normally this icon that is on our desktop allows us to see the amount of files it contains. But it will never show us what size these files occupy in said recycle bin. And this becomes a question that should catch our attention, to know what this bin claims or what its size is.

These are curious data that we must manage if we want to have total autonomy on our computer. And these tutorials are created just to teach you everything you need to know about it. As well as knowing if I have permissions and am an administrator in my account Windows, all this knowledge is necessary and we will help you to acquire it.

    How to find out how big the Recycle Bin is in Windows

    Through the explorer of Windows we can do this job, but it turns out it will take a long time and can be a little tricky. For the number of steps we have to take to do it. But it turns out that we can do it in an easier way and without complicating our lives so much, so we will show you what this way is.

    To discover how big is the recycle bin in windows , we will use the command prompt. But first we must tell you that these steps were performed on computers with Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. So to access the command prompt window, it will be better to do it via the Windows search engine.

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    Using Command Prompt to find out how big the recycle stationery is

    While in the search engine, we have to type the command prompt, when the icon does not appear, we click on it. This action will show us a small black window where we will write the following command. dir /sc:$recycle.bin. You will immediately provide us with the requested information on the size of the basket .

    Here you can see a full summary of the different files that are contained in the basket , it's a very quick and easy way to get to know this information. Also, if you want to know the size of the recycle bin but without the details about the files that are there, you can run the following command dir /sc:$recycle.bin | fake file (s).

    If you have multiple drives on your personal computer and each has stationery for recycling, you can run this last command. But in this case you have to make a change from statement c: to the letter representing the drive. For example, if it is drive D, you need to enter the letter d: and so on with the different drives.

    Using the command prompt greatly shortens the tasks we want to perform on our PC, we just need to know the commands to execute. You can get these scripts at Microsoft script center . Obviously it is used to solve other problems or to find important information on our personal computer.

    As we have already told you, you can perfectly perform this procedure via the file explorer. But it turns out that we have to go through many steps and complicate our existence for no reason. It is much faster and easier to use the Command Prompt and run the commands we showed you here.

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    We hope you can find the information you need on your PC by following the steps we teach you here. We also hope that this knowledge will allow you to help your friends and be an extra tool for dealing with future problems. And without too much effort you learned to know how big is the recycle bin in windows.

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