How to know how many and which sensors my mobile or Android mobile phone has

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Today we will teach you how to know how many and which sensors my mobile phone or Android phone has . In turn, we will guide you so that you know how each of the most common sensors in mobile devices works.

    The world of cellular telephony has grown in complexity, including very interesting devices with many presentations. Below are some of the most common sensors that we can find today in most modern phones.

    This sensor is in able to detect the distance of our mobile from other objects. It is what is activated when we bring the cell phone to our ear while we are making a call. Sometimes it is convenient to disable the proximity sensor, but in most cases it works very efficiently. We can detect it easily via the infrared LED that it includes.

    This little sensor is capable of detect the light in the environment , which makes it very useful, especially for setting the screen brightness in bright or low light conditions. When activated in automatic mode, it will be regulated differently, whether we are inside or outside a place.

    The gyroscope is one of the most common sensors and is able to measure the movements of the mobile phone, thanks to angular acceleration. Clearly, this goes much further, but you shouldn't confuse your mobile phone's gyroscope and accelerometer, as it even allows us to detect the small spins we make with the mobile, thanks to its nanotechnology.

    The accelerometer, this little chip-like sensor, allows the device to understand where it is . That is, the sensor will detect if you have the device upright, on its side, face down, face up, etc. as it measures movement in three-dimensional spaces, to determine its speed and orientation.

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    In recent years they have become one of the most popular sensors among the mobile devices of band medium-high, as with the capacitive finger sensor, you can protect your device using your fingerprint; which makes it a great biometric method of recognizing the owner.

    Likewise, the iris reader is even more complex and has become the main security method for high-end devices such as iPhones and Motorola, because with this sensor it is it is sufficient to bring the iris of the eye a little closer , so that you immediately recognize previously stored templates and know that it is you and not someone else who wants to access your device.

    This is one of the sensors present in the vast majority of mobile devices due to the great use it has among its applications, mainly localization ones. This sensor does refers to the global positioning we have , which will send a continuous signal to the GPS satellites and allow us to show you where you are on the planet.

    In addition to the above, some devices have the so-called intelligent temperature and humidity sensor, but this goes a little further than cell phones. Although in general, the ones we mention are the common ones and that have a presence in almost all of the current mobiles.

    Without a doubt, the easiest way to know which sensors your mobile phone has is to know the characteristics of the device . In fact, the manual usually shows this information, however you can also check your cell phone sensors in several ways.

    Use of a website

    Cell phone review websites often include detailed information about the sensors contained in the devices. It's a good way to see for sure which sensors your phone has and which ones it doesn't.

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    There are many pages that can help you check the number of sensors and other features of your device. In any case, we recommend kimovil, a website that will show your mobile information and the sensors it has.

    Indeed, the platform is one of the best in this industry, as it has a section specially designed for it. In fact, to see this information, just go to the " Sensors ", which is where the sensors your device has will be displayed.

    Using an application

    Another way we can see the sensors that the mobile phone has is by using an application. There are some that you will find in the Play Store, in any case, the one we recommend the most is "", just download the application to check the functioning of the sensors of your mobile phone.

    Once the application is launched, you will be able to see the sensors that work . Note that some permissions will need to be enabled. Just click on the "Allow for all" option " and then click " Allow "for each of the permissions.

    After the above, the device will show some of your device's sensors and how they work. In turn, various information related to the characteristics of the device will be displayed, such as camera, microphone, etc.

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