How to know how many mAh my Android phone is charging?

Recharging your mobile phone may seem trivial and unimportant, as long as it reaches 100%, is everything okay? It is not entirely true, the care of a phone also includes the battery, fundamental part and heart that moves the phone. For this reason, you must always keep in mind how many mAh is my Android Mobile charging as easy as turning android admin on or off with google.

For anyone who wants to know more about their phone and be a pro in all matters, they must first know theirs components and one of them is the battery.

    Is it necessary to find out how many mAh is my Android mobile charging?

    You need to know, because although the technology is too advanced, there will always be wear on the battery and obviously the charger, which its quality will decrease.

    This will indicate whether you need to fix Android cell phone that won't charge battery or even save and take care of Samsung Galaxy S10 battery in case you have that type and model of phone.

    And it is that the biggest phone manufacturers always recommend using the supplied charger, to avoid imperfect, but keeping us always with the same charger is almost impossible, at some point some of its parts could get damaged and force you to buy more.

    This is the reason why we need to know how many mAh our phone charges , because a broken charger or one that doesn't have enough power is bad news. The battery can be damaged and you will have a home phone instead of a smartphone.

    What is mAh? and how do I know how many my cell phone goes to

    MAh stands for milliampere per hour, and is the unit of measurement used universally to measure the battery of Android phones even in chargers it is identified as the letter A for ampere as a guide.

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    To find out how many mAh my android mobile is charging, we can use simple calculations, we just need to take the amount of amps that the charger says (1 ampere equals 1000 milliamps ) and divide it by the battery capacity (this will give us the overall charging time of the phone and an idea of ​​how many mAh it needs).

    We get an approximate figure, obviously we have to take into account variables, such as energy loss or slow charges, but this is how it should work at least for a real approximation.

    Applications that will tell us exactly what we are looking for

    There are specialized applications in case we are dealing with and they tell us how many mAh it is charging il my android mobile , the best is Ammeter.

    This is a completely free Playstore application that not only quickly indicates the mAh but also extra information relevant to us (knowing that your phone never hurts after all is an extension of you).

    Once the application is installed, you just have to " Open it "and it will check showing us a fairly exact menu, how many mAh our phone charges, also the type of battery, how much percentage it has at that moment and its full capacity. In addition to the voltage, the types of chargers and the version of Android that you use.

    A little tip

    Finally, a small guide (not with absolute precision), of the average charging times of the different batteries so that I can better calculate how many mAh my Android phone is charging.

    With less than 3000 mAh it takes a minimum of 40 to 50 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. If it is between 3000 and 3500, it ranges from 60 to 70 minutes up to a maximum of 140 minutes.

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    Between 3500 and 4000mAh it takes about 80 minutes to 180, if they are 400 or 5000 it will take between 100 and 240 minutes. And finally if it is more than 5000mAh it will go between 130 minutes and 260.

    With this, you can go there with the certainty of not only knowing yours well battery, but that no matter which store you go to, you will always choose the appropriate charge, because even the heart of a phone needs to be taken care of.

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