How to know how to identify the font of a photoshop image?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best man-made tools, it has revolutionized the entire design industry due to its easy to use and intuitive interface. Since each program hides multiple functions, that's why today you will learn how to identify the font of a Photoshop image.

Don't worry, it's a pretty simple process, you can even use Photoshop shortcuts or keyboard combinations.

Because it has happened to everyone, whether it's a professional job or simply to decorate images, to have fallen in love with a font, which immediately becomes their favorite, but they don't know what it is or how to find it.

      Photoshop the program that stimulates creativity

      Identifying the font of a Photoshop image is the stage, but before getting there you have to take a small detour along the way, because the most inexperienced and even the professionals themselves must first know what it is for, what it is for and what the tools are of photoshop?

      Well, this is basically a photo editor, whose name translates to photo lab, as its main use is image retouching and even graphics. This application was created by Adobe Systems Incorporated and was released in 1990 exactly on February 19, its latest update or improved version CC 2020 was released on May 19 of the same year .

      Above all, it originated as a tool for designers, but has become not only the industry standard, but also a vital tool for photographers, web designers, and even those who create graphics online.

      Identifies the font of a Photoshop image

      Now, if you have come for what, how to find those long-awaited types of sources, which are always so close but at the same time so far away from us. Well don't despair anymore, starting from CC 2015 (and of course from all subsequent versions), you can use a tool called " Typekit ”, which gives the possibility to identify the font in any image.

      To use it, the first thing is obviously to open the program, then the image in question, and select the menu " Type " in Photoshop's top bar, once this is done, a section will appear where you need to press the button " Match character”.

      This will create a frame above the image, which you can adjust as you like to fit the image you're using (fit as much as possible around the text you want to parse).

      After adjusting the application itself, it will show us in a pop-up window the type of font that is used, obviously if you have added it in Photoshop, because if not, it will show you the more similar options .

      Also, in the same window you can mark the font as favorite, it will be saved and later it will be easier to identify the font of a Photoshop image.

      Finally, if you don't have the font and don't want a similar one, you can check the box at the bottom of the pop-up window, and it will show you fonts that are also available in Typekit, where perhaps and hopefully it's yours.


      Well, to close it must be said that Photoshop it's one of the simplest tools to retouch images, it seems silly to say but it's not, whether you're a pro or an amateur, stop killing your head with useless programs that don't offer you something new.

      From the creation of architectural projects in Photoshop, to infinite graphic projects of all kinds according to the imagination.

      This marvel renews its versions every few years and they always come with many more functions, like the one you learned today (identify the font of a Photoshop image).

      This is undoubtedly the most complete program today and thanks to this guide you're a little closer to mastering it to your liking.

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