How to know if a mobile phone has a risk of IMEI blocking or has a report of theft

Without a doubt, having a mobile phone is essential in human life. Therefore, knowing if a mobile is a imei block risk or has a theft report is essential, especially when buying a used cell phone.

By now there have been and will continue to emerge ways to find the solution to these small details . They are certainly minimal and have a solution. This digit or code is essential when carrying out a definite reset on the mobile, in the event that we lose the data or the account with which the phone was initially set up.

      Solution to check if a mobile has the risk of blocking Imei or has a report of theft.

      It is said that if the phone is stolen, this Imei lock can have a lock solution so that it is disabled for the person who stole it. Although today there are many codes and methods to unlock the mobile. In this way, the immediate solution must be sought for everything that has to do with technology and this is one of them.

      • The most correct recommendation is that of buy a cell phone directly from a company telephony ally. It is not recommended to buy it from second or third party and even less unknown. In any case you can check if the imei is fake or original.

      To find out if a mobile is at risk of imei blocking or has a theft report, we must do the following:

      Step 1

      Check the IMEI code of the phone by entering the page and on the page enter the IMEI code that the mobile phone carries. This can be found in Settings > System data > About phone and the IMEI number appears there.

      Step 2:

      Select the option that says search engine and the record of that code will appear right there.

      Step 3:

      On the left side there are three options, which are: check Imei, block and unblock . After that you will select the verify option to prevent it from being blocked and the problem will be resolved.

      Finally, it will be the system that will determine if the phone is enabled from that moment, which will be true since it is a legal phone and is not stolen. This is a procedure that must be done before purchase to prevent this problem from happening in your hands.

      Now, when the phone is stolen and the owner blocks it with his Imei code at the time of the theft, it is automatically disabled.

      But usually as days go by this phone comes back to normal in someone else's hands as it gets the Imei code of another phone and entered into it. Every phone has a Imei code that identifies it . That is, they are unique numbers for each cell phone.

      Tips for buying a used cell phone

      The subject of telephone technology is something very important every day for most people. Because it is thanks to it that many things can be accomplished that are lucrative for the development of the human being on a daily basis.

      Even for the uninitiated, the Imei of a phone is something very essential since is the unique security code that every phone must carry. So everyone has to carry it but they are different numbers for each mobile.

      If the user buys it new in a phone shop and has some faults, the solution is to go to the shop and he will give it by entering the Imei code on his computer and will see what happens with the mobile device.

      We do not recommend buying used phones, as it is not known what condition this phone may be in or reported. The right thing will be to buy it new and in authorized agencies to avoid inconvenience . Most of the time when you buy a used phone it can be reported.

      The most recommended option is not to buy a second hand mobile phone, as this can generate some consequences that can sometimes lead the person who buys it to jail. In addition to the scare that the person might experience, he will lose his mobile equipment and, of course, his invested money.

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