How to know if I have a VPN and if it's enabled and working properly

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If you are having difficulty accessing various websites and you have wondered , how do i know if i have a VPN and if it is activated and working properly? Here we will give you a brief explanation of what you can do to check if you have this active service and how to know if it is really doing its job.

The VPN service it is widely used today, as it allows us to access content that is normally blocked in our place of residence. In addition, it can be very useful when using the Internet of a coffee shop or a public network, protecting you from the dangers of public networks.

    How do I know if I have a VPN and it works?

    Normally to have a VPN or a service VPN , we must affiliate in advance. Because this service is usually paid and doesn't come pre-installed almost anywhere. However, we can check if we are connected to a VPN. Using a tool that comes by default in our Windows operating system.

    For this check we will use the CMD command console, which is installed by default in any version of Windows. We have to go to the start menu and into the search bar write CMD. With this we can notice that an icon with the same name appears and we have to open it by clicking on it. Then a console will open in which we will just have to copy 'ip' and then 'config', this is all pasted and without quotes.

    After writing it, we will just enter from the keyboard and a list with our address information will appear. Depending on your country, you should have an IP corresponding to your address . If you don't know what your country's IP is, you can search for it on the Internet through any browser. If you have an IP from another continent, you will be using a VPN.

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    If you are using Mac you should know that there are exclusive VPN services for this system. To verify its correct functioning, you can use your browser. With which you can check your IP by doing a simple search, when you open the browser you have to enter What IP have I assigned? With this you will be able to know which address you have on your computer.

    Other factors that indicate that the VPN is working properly

    If we are already sure we are using a VPN. We have to take into consideration some factors that indicate that it is working properly. Among these is the speed with which we sail, due to the functioning of VPN networks , The Internet can be reduced in speed. However, when we have good service, this shouldn't be noticed while browsing.

    If you notice that your internet connection is slow or heavy, it could be because you are using a free VPN. So it does not provide support for these cases and hides only the tuo IP without worrying about its speed. In these cases it is always advisable to exclude possible causes. So it doesn't hurt to check your antivirus settings. Because many of them have access to your internet networks.

    This is the case with Mcafee , a very popular antivirus in home computer equipment. This can slow down your connection when using the VPN, because it detects it as insecure or full of bugs. Therefore, you can temporarily disable Mcafee, then try using the internet again and see if the speed increases significantly.

    An important factor to consider

    You will see many offers on these services on the internet, and the free ones are usually very tempting as you don't need to cancel anything. However, you should be careful with these free services.

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    Mainly because they have access to your data once you connect and since they don't receive any kind of payment from you, they can sell the your information for profit. For this reason it is better to purchase a paid service.

    If you are very new, you can start using the VPN that Opera has integrated, and then practice with this service to see if it is convenient for you or not to pay for it. We recommend Opera because it is a serious company with many years of experience, offering a simple VPN service, which can help you adapt and know how it works.

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