How to know if I have been banned in Pokemon Go and how to remove the ban

proved to be a fan favorite of video games.

This is not surprising, because in these installments come a series of colorful and powerful animals that differ from normal animals. These come out in the virtual nature of these games and they have different kinds that you can capture, train or change. One way you can access this video game is through Pokémon Go, where you can create a free account.

However, if you have created it and it does not allow you to access it, you may encounter some connection problems or that nintendo servers refuse your connection due to a possible ban on your account. In the present we will show you how to know if you have been banned and how to remove this block dall'account.

    What does it mean to have my account banned from Pokémon Go?

    This means that Nintendo is blocking you from logging into your account, because you have taken action that goes against the game's list of rules or general regulations. Many times these prohibitions they are dealing with server errors that target innocent players.

    However, many other people take advantage of the game's vulnerabilities to cheat and thus climb the ranks effortlessly. These people they are called Hacker and they really are a group of people who try to be better than you through perks, not through effort and skill.

    Another reason you can get banned is if you affect the GPS joystick error a lot. You see, in Pokémon Go you don't have a Joystick that allows you to move around the game environment, but your own body and your GPS position are your Joystick. If your game repeatedly attempts to send incorrect location information, the game could take precautions and block temporarily the your account . So you need to know how to fix error 11 and 12 fake GPS joystick and avoid getting banned.

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    What are the cheats sanctioned in Pokemon GO?

    How many types of bans are there in this Android game?

    How the ban system works in Pokemon GO

    Temporary or permanent ban in Pokemon Go How to know?

    It is important that you know that to avoid connection problems with servers and thus, avoid the possibility of receive an unnecessary ban , keep your Pokémon Go app updated to its latest version.

    Thanks to the system that Niantic has created, in which there are different severity of failures, you can define your ban between a simple ban or a permanent ban. In case you have a simple ban, you will find that you cannot access gyms , poké-stop and that you cannot interact with the pokémon and the trainers around you.

    But you can do it all because you still have the option to open the app and connect to the servers. This means that you have committed a minor offense, such as using a GPS hack . Another reason a minor penalty is lifted is downloading the game to a non-recommended or unsupported device for the game. Therefore, we recommend that you review what Pokémon Go's requirements are.

    What can I do to remove the ban?

    On the other hand, if you try to open the app but it keeps loading and won't let you log into your account, you may encounter a serious error. This can cause the ban permanent your account and the loss of all your progress in the game. Usually the people who receive this type of ban are people who repeatedly hack the GPS hack or who use their account to sell and buy pokémon for money in real life.

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    If you are someone who is just starting to make the mistakes and mistakes that give developers reason to ban you, you don't need to worry. It is simply enough that you do not affect this behavior .

    However, if you don't stop making these mistakes, your account will be deleted forever. It is important to remember that if you have a temporary ban or a misdemeanor, your account it will be back to normal in a few hours. However, if you get banned forever, you can only play again by creating another account.

    How can I fix a permanent ban in Pokemon Go

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