How to know if messages or chats are deleted while uninstalling or deleting my WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is just the application of most used messaging around the world, but like any other messaging application it has a lot of important data traffic, including chats, when you delete or uninstall the application one wonders if this application records, there are ways to know and here we explain how.

    What happens if the WhatsApp account is deleted?

    Deleting your WhatsApp account is a process that must be applied under specific conditions, for example, that you no longer want to use this platform or that due to a disaster you lose your phone and want to get rid of that account. So, when deciding you must be very clear that you will not be able to recover it or have information about it.

    The information you have provided, be it business or corporate, will disappear within 90 days but you as a user will not have access. Furthermore, also i your personal data will be completely deleted ; your messages, files, audios, images and more will not be available; You won't even fit into the groups you were in, but if you created them, they don't disappear as there are more people in them.

    If I uninstall WhatsApp, will the conversations be deleted?

    At the time of wanting to delete an application, many of them save data and save files in the cache that are stored on our device in this way, WhatsApp ensures that things are saved in a certain way from being permanently deleted, but certain things must be taken into consideration that uninstalling WhatsApp leaves some important aspects to highlight.

    • When you delete WhatsApp, the your profile photo and your data are deleted in so that people who previously added you won't see your data or profile photo.
    • Chats are deleted like group chats, this is because your account no longer exists in the application database.

    Messages and calls

    In a certain way yes, but there is also the possibility to recover them and this is because there is a backup, said copy stores all the data and chats within the account Google Drive , so if you have an existing backup within the application so that the chats are saved within Google and are downloadable when you reinstall WhatsApp.

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    Now, unlike Telegram which has some similarities with WhatsApp, this backup ensures that the chats and data before uninstalling the application continue to exist and therefore are not completely deleted permanently, this has its drawback since if we want to delete the existence of these messages or chats. The way to do this is delete the backup or backup .

    • Go to the WhatsApp folder , which you can find using your device's file explorer where the folders and data stored in the internal memory are located.
    • Inside the WhatsApp folder you will find the Backup folder, this folder takes care of saving the chats and security logs on your mobile phone, this will clear the message logs upon uninstallation.

    We also recommend disable WhatsApp synchronization of the account by configuring our application, we can go to the settings and next to this look for the chats in which will be the backup option and the chat records, that is the history, select that never do it. that if you do, you won't completely delete the messages.

    This way you make sure that the messages have been permanently deleted, now well said that we can understand that WhatsApp works in many ways and that not everything is so at a glance, this is because the application tries to protect the user and innovate in safety, since many times it can be uninstalled by mistake or we want to recover an old message.


    When you uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile device, the groups you have, including the messages and other files that are there, they will remain exactly the same . This means that you will not lose any data from these group conversations, unless you have backed them up before deleting the application.

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    Maybe the settings and customizations you made to your WhatsApp from the settings menu, this could be eliminated as it is not something relevant or that it has been saved permanently or automatically to your account; so when you reinstall it you have to redo the specs you had in the previous one.

    Yes, the multimedia data is deleted along with the folder except for the Backup which is uploaded to the Google Drive account that you have affiliated with the mobile phone, i.e. the email with which your mobile phone operates, the Play Store and all Google records that are linked and synchronized directly with your mobile, for this reason we also have to configure our Google account to access certain things.

    WhatsApp not only has access to personal account data but also multimedia, as well as the camera or microphone, however the company encrypt these messages and data so that it cannot be stolen by third parties, protecting your mobile phone from any hacker or third party who tries to steal both the chats and the multimedia data, audio, images and videos that you have stored on your mobile phone.

    Why should we uninstall WhatsApp every now and then?

    If you are one of the users who keep a lot of information on their phone due to WhatsApp and you delete some chats or groups that you do not need and yet the space remains the same, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile.

    Since the temporary information provided in WhatsApp is not deleted immediately, you must then perform this function. So do not keep the app saturated with information or wander files or data that only take up space and are not permanently deleted; That is why it is very good to uninstall WhatsApp every now and then (at least once every two months or three months) .

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    Differences between removing the account and uninstalling the application

    • If you uninstall you will have access to your account again, if you delete you will not
    • You will not be able to access the information if you delete your account
    • You will see all the information: chats, groups, stored data when you install WhatsApp
    • The information provided will disappear if you delete the account
    • You will not be able to use the same phone number to create another new account
    • During the uninstallation you will keep the same number
    • Contacts will remain intact during uninstall, if you delete no, everything is deleted

    How to uninstall WhatsApp

    There are three effective options to uninstall WhatsApp quickly and easily . The first option is to go to your mobile app store (Play Store or App Store); With the help of the cursor, enter the name of the app and log in, then click the uninstall button on the right side and that's it.

    The second alternative is that from your device menu , hold down WhatsApp and slide it up where it indicates 'delete / uninstall' and leave it there; then click accept and wait for the uninstall to complete.

    Finally, you can do this by entering the settings of the mobile , search for applications and go to WhatsApp; access the app and on the right you will find the "uninstall" button, press there and wait for it to load.

    Delete WhatsApp account

    To delete your WhatsApp account, the steps you need to follow are few and very simple. We will explain it to you one by one promptly.

      Reinstall WhatsApp

      If you have already uninstalled WhatsApp from your mobile, you should learn how to reinstall it easily. Follow the instructions below and you will reinstall it on your mobile again.

      • Go to your phone's application store (App Store or Google Play Store)
      • Put "WhatsApp" in the search engine
      • Open the app and you will see the "Install" button on the right side
      • Press this button and then accept
      • Finally you wait for it to load and you will have it available again
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