How to know if my email has already been read in Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo!

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One of the means that still has not lost its validity since its invention, despite the emergence of other applications that allow the sending of files is e-mail. And one of the most requested requirements by users is to know if it has reached its recipient or if they have already read it and then we will tell you how to know if they have already read my email in Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo!

They are tricks you can use in these applications that will allow your users to know this information. For many times they have been waiting for an answer and do not know if it is due to one of these reasons. It may be that the email has not reached them or because they simply have not read it and in the latter case it is the one we will focus on.

For many people, the use email it's essential, especially if it's a corporate account and we move a lot of information and data through that medium. Such as project presentations, curriculum summary presentations, etc. But it's also important to know how to take care of security and to know if my email accounts have been hacked.

    How to know if my email has already been read in Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo

    As always, one of the ways these types of problems are solved that affect a lot of people. To have no way of being notified when the recipient has read the email. It is through an extension that Google has added and that through the Chrome Web Store you can find it quickly and easily.

    The most relevant thing about this extension is that you can use it from any other email platform and not exclusively from Gmail. This extension is known as Email Tracker and is fully compatible with Google Inbox, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Also, once the extension is installed, you will receive one notify you when your emails are read.

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    How can we install this extension, it's very simple, you just have to enter the Google Store, through the Chrome Web Store. Once installed in the browser of your device, you need to proceed with the execution. To do this, you will go to the browser, to be punctual on the right side of it.

    How to use the extension to find out if they have already read my email

    When it has been executed it will be ready and waiting for our emails to be sent, these will be sent with that extension. Whenever a shipment is made, it will be indicated with a circle and will show you the status of said mail . This follow-up will be done with any email and regardless of the email account, as long as it belongs to the ones we have already named to you.

    Another very important aspect that must be taken into consideration is that said extension for no reason saves the data or information about the content in said e-mails. Those that will guarantee us total confidentiality of our privacy. It is a magnificent tool that will allow us to to know if they have already read my mail in Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo!

    There are other free extensions that you can also download from the Google virtual store, but it doesn't offer you the ability to manage with other emails. Only with Gmail accounts, these extensions can be Mailtrack o Streak , also very efficient for keeping track of the emails you send and notify you when they are read.

    In this world that does not rest and that is active 24 hours a day, it is necessary to have tools that allow us to be more productive and to be able to do them from our mobile phones. And receive immediate responses to our needs, so having a tool that helps us save time is very useful.

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    This way we showed you how to know if they have already read my email in gmail, outlook or yahoo. Through the use of a Google extension, which already existed but which you did not know and through this article you will put it into practice from now on.

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