How to know if my phone or mobile is compatible or supports 4G LTE

Basically, the 4G LTE generation is the most desired and recommended for all the amazing functions it offers in our devices, which gives us a better internet connection no matter where we are. Since it is so necessary, many users are wondering how to know if my phone or mobile is compatible or supports 4G LTE ? This is a very common question as some devices don't accept it.

To find out if your mobile is compatible with this connection you will need to know several information about your mobile, which we will indicate below.

    How can I check if a mobile is compatible with 4G?

    Most people would like to test this connection. The ones that are compatible are the ones that have the term LTE, 4G and L ; To find out, you need to investigate the information provided by your mobile. To do this in IOS you will have to enter the settings of your mobile phone, look for the option of 'Mobile data', click on options, then on voice and data.

    Once here, turn on the LTE option , if other connections appear, always choose the LTE one, if you do not find it it is because your mobile phone does not have this connection. To review this information on your Android, you can view several possibilities. The most common is to enter settings, then wireless connections, then press "Mobile Networks" to look for the preferred 4G network type option.

    You can also know this information by selecting the box where your cell phone arrived, this is very useful because it shows the options your phone has, if you see it says 4G LTE it will be more than obvious that the cell phone supports it connection.

    The most important thing to remember is that the connection name appears to confirm that it is compatible with your mobile. If we sadly observe that it is not compatible, please rest assured that you can use other ways to boost the WIFI signal on your phone.

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    Frequency bands compatible with your mobile

    It usually happens that we acquire a new mobile and know its main characteristics such as how many cameras it has, how much RAM it carries, how advanced its processor is, among others. But it is not clear to us what type of network do you use.

    We do not know if the device only supports a 3G type network, or if on the contrary it manages a 4G or even 5G network, however, knowing that this is not that complicated, there are many ways to know which network is compatible on our mobile.

    There is a page called WillMyPhoneWork, which will help us find an answer, just log in, fill in the options to answer such as the brand of our phone, specify exactly what our model is, the country we live in and the telephone operator we will use or use.

    Once you have completed the questions, detailed information of our model will appear phone, if it supports network types such as 2G, 3G, 4G or even 5G.

    How to set up the 4G network on my Android or iOS phone?

    When we add a phone line to our Android or iOS device, it may happen that we have to do a little configuration so that it can work on the type of network we want, whether we want to use a 2G, 3G or 4G network.

    Performing this configuration is very simple following these instructions:

    Android devices

    -We will go to Settings and look for the section SIM cards and mobile networks.

    -Then we'll go to SIM card settings we are using.

    -We will find an option called Preferred Network Type, we will enter there and it will appear if we want to choose networks like 2G, 3G and 4G, in this case we will choose 4G.

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    IOS devices

    - We will go in in the iPhone Settings.

    -We will place ourselves in the section Mobile data.

    -We will activate mobile data if it is deactivated to subsequently activate the option below, which is that of activate the 4G network.

    What to do if the 4G connection does not work?

    If you have already managed to verify that your mobile is compatible with this connection, but when you activate it once it does not work properly, it will be a really annoying error. To correct this error you can try the following, please make sure you are using the corresponding network. It may happen that you have chosen a network like 3G and not the right one, so try to configure it correctly.

    Also put your mobile in airplane mode , this step can be applied multiple times because it works best; You will only have to activate this option for a couple of minutes and then deactivate it. You can also check your SIM card, it is very common that we accidentally place our card incorrectly, causing the connection not being established correctly, for this reason, remove and reinsert the card into the slot. On the other hand, you can solve the problem with IMyfone Fixppo.

    Now, if you want to try something more drastic, you can try resetting your phone's network settings. To do this, go to the settings, look for the "System" option where you will have to select "Reset" and reset the network settings. Wait for the process to run, in a few minutes it will be completed and you can see that 4G LTE is working properly.

    How to improve your cell phone coverage?

    When you see that the your mobile does not support 4G LTE , nothing happens, as there are other ways to improve your reach and speed up the internet as much as possible. First try to always keep the battery charged, if it runs out it will affect its performance.

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    Change your location, i.e. try moving to different areas of your home until you find the one that suits you best . Try removing the cover from your phone , in some cases it can cause interference with the coverage, for this reason it is better to eliminate its use.

    One option that will help you a lot will be to switch operators, each of these operators has a map showing the coverage and what it will look like the connection ; For this reason, look for the one that best suits your tastes.

    Can my mobile phone support 5G networks?

    It all depends on two factors, the year you bought your mobile and the type of device range, since if your phone is from years after 2018 it will not have options like the 5G network.

    But if your phone is from 2019 and it is mid-range or high-end, the most likely thing is that if it has the 5G option, which would be quite beneficial, since the 5G network has proven to be 10 times in the experience. higher than the 4G network.

    Even if you we invite also to check if your phone is 5G as follows:

    -There is an app that we can download on our mobile, which has the task of doing an analysis on our phone and inform us if it is capable of supporting the 5G network, the name of this application is Check compatibility support 5G network, lo will do just install it, start the analysis and wait if the result is affirmation or denial.

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