How to know if my Smart TV is infected with a virus and how to clean it permanently

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On many occasions, programs of all kinds are downloaded to Smart TVs, causing infection with many viruses that eventually damage the Smart TV . That is why here I will show you each step so that you can remove this possible virus from your device.

It is clear that Smart TVs are used today by most of the people and, sometimes, they do not know how much care they have to give them. The Smart TV they are almost similar to cell phones, are prone to viruses and have Internet, plus you can download various applications and even games to have fun.

Steps to know if my Smart is infected

First, you need to go to the configuration of your device, then go to menu where it says general , many options will appear. Once the options appear, click Manage system and there it will take you to safety, this is the option responsible for the general overhaul of the device.

Then access the option of monitoring and to the scan window and there the Smart TV system will look for the possible virus. In case the TV contains it, it will notify you automatically.

It is important that you know that you should only download compatible applications, but if you want to avoid problems, completely avoid downloading applications that you will not need.

This process can be quite dangerous as the computer can reveal customized data it contains through applications. Some of the applications you can download are, YouTube that will help you have fun with what you want to like, there is also Instagram

And there are many other Applications that can entertain us in a fun way, but we must use them with great care and responsibility, taking care of our device.

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How to clean my Smart TV from viruses

It is very necessary that our TV contains an antivirus as it helps us to better protect our device, making it not lose control. Also, it will help us to protect our identity and security , protecting our private data, such as passwords and others.

The first step is to know what the operating system of our TV is, since if we download an antivirus, it may not be installed correctly since it does not are compatible or it is not available for Smart TV.

Once you know what your operating system is, you can proceed to search for the antivirus, in this case we will talk about ESET SMART TV SECURITY . This is an application that you can download to your TV to clean it from viruses and you can download it in the Play Store.

Also, it comes from the Android operating system , has millions of users who have downloaded it and is highly recommended with many features. Among them is that it can automatically configure the Smartv software, also protects against all viruses, has a USB drive, detects all kinds of suspects, etc ...

Types of antivirus for Smart TV

Some of the most used antiviruses are, McAfee , this is one that comes with a pre-install, so you need to configure it so it can be fully installed. It is used in all TVs of the Samsung brand with a very good and complete operating system for our Smart TV devices.

Another of these and with Android TV is ESET SMART TV SECUARY by we talked about earlier, but to keep it in the recommended ones. It should be noted that this is licensed, so it is widely used in computers.

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And last but not least, it is the webOS of the LG brand and most importantly, it automatically cleans the Smartv. Doing so makes threats, viruses or all sorts of weird things detect it effectively

It is important and essential to know that thank you the antivirus is provided with greater security to our entire team. Hope these steps help you get these quality antivirus for your Smart TV so you can harden your security to the max.

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