How to know if my website complies with Google Adsense policies?

Knowing Google Adsense policies is very important, especially if you aspire to monetize with the platform. For the uninitiated, this is one of the best tools for post ads on the web . Generating money from home is already a reality, because building web pages can be a great way.

More than 86% of online sites decide to offer their own spaces for the publication of certain materials proposed by Google. However, the recruitment process is really rigorous, as it has some requirements.

This new Google product is now widely used on pages such as Blogger or YouTube.

      These are the basic requirements in Google Adsense policies

      Even if it is true, not all online pages are suitable for the business plans proposed in the Google Adsense policies. Among the most important points are the following:

      Comply with all Google Adsense policies in your manual

      One of the first requirements that will force the user is Read all Google Adsense policies to evaluate if the domain complies with them. Clearly, the platform will re-run a review after approval. A tip is to read the manuals and moderate if the published content meets these values, otherwise it is healthy to adapt the platform for this purpose.

      Have an audience

      Another of the great requirements of the tool is that the pages have an audience that exceeds a thousand daily clicks. This could translate into a brand with more than 5.000 followers around.

      For them, the hearing is very important, since on its basis they can get an average of the profits obtained in a month or see if the offer will be profitable.

      true followers

      Many users with bad practices managed to cheat the algorithm, hence Google AdSense enforced follower verification . This way, they will not allow pages with ghost followers to be approved.

      To verify this section, let's proceed to locate the information about the Persians who usually visit the domain, as they must have different IPs and geographical locations.

      periodic content

      Sites that don't post regularly are automatically dropped from the platform, since they do not represent a viable business scheme . The ideal is to make or publish at least one weekly post. Furthermore, those who publish more content will be able to access higher earnings because users will frequent the platform more often.

      easy navigation

      Google Adsense policies are very clear on this point, page loading speed are elements that are taken into account. Especially when it comes to running interactive or video ads. In addition, the navigation bars and the interface must be manageable and easy to use for users, they must be guarantors of a good experience .

      SEO copywriting

      Content with respectable rankings are very valuable propositions for AdSense. Because the advertisements offered on this site could be seen by a greater number of people.

      Do I have to have something special?

      The answer is a resounding yes, all pages that decide to apply must have an aspect that differentiates them from the others. Furthermore, it is a value of which Google AdSense takes into account , as it supports innovation and a job well done. One of the advantages of the Google AdSense platform is that it allows you to configure the payment methods.

      The first thing you need to do is create new and useful content that attracts a sizable audience. In other words, the page must have an interested and loyal community, otherwise it will not be attractive to the tool.

      In addition to everything mentioned, the material should contain multimedia elements such as photos, videos or reproductions related to the proposed topic. Interaction is another very valuable element, AdSense favors those brands that maintain continuous interaction with their audience.

      In addition to Google AdSense, there are alternative options for monetizing your website that are just as reliable and secure.

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