How to know if my WhatsApp Web is Open and close the session

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WhatsApp Web is a great tool for anyone who is constantly using their own computer , as they will be able to reply to messages on their WhatsApp accounts very easily. Wondering how to know if my WhatsApp Web is open and close the session, read the following information.

After logging into WhatsApp Web, it is very important to log out from your WhatsApp Web account after using the App, in order to protect the information of anyone who can access the computer used. Today you will learn how to do it very simply and in this way you will make sure that no one steals your valuable information.

How to know if my WhatsApp Web is Open and close the session

What is WhatsApp Web?

The WhatsApp application is one of the most relevant in the world of mobile messaging , in fact today it is the most important application of its kind. Likewise, the application is only present for mobile platforms, such as Android or iOS, so a computer version was missing.

It is before this that the WhatsApp web application , which although it requires a mobile device to work, is particularly useful for anyone who constantly uses a computer.

WhatsApp Web more in 2015 as a solution for users who want enter al your WhatsApp account using your computer . Using this online tool, users can text and communicate and can even download music, photos and videos with WhatsApp Web.

For this the application opens a sort of session using a QR code in this way the system guarantees that only those who own the account and the associated phone are the one who can access WhatsApp Web. In any case, it is convenient to completely close the session and that's what we're going to teach you today

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How to know if my WhatsApp Web is open and close the session

The best thing is that you know how to use WhatsApp web in different browsers, because by knowing how this utility works, it will be much easier for you to understand the simple logout process.

Actually closing the session on WhatsApp Web is quite simple, in any case there are two ways to do it. Read the following guides carefully to know how to log out of WhatsApp Web in the easiest way:

Find out if WhatsApp Web is open via the notification bar and exit

  1. The easiest way to verify that WhatsApp is still active is via the context menu in the taskbar notifications .
  2. The procedure is very simple, you just have to swipe from the top of the screen and show the notification bar .
  3. In case the WhatsApp Web assignment is active, the following message will be displayed "WhatsApp Web is currently active" .
  4. To close it, press on said notification and the system will direct you to the active WhatsApp sessions.
  5. To close them, simply press on them and click on the button Close session .

Directly from the application options

  1. Furthermore, directly from the WhatsApp application you can check if you have started a WhatsApp Web session. For this, the first thing you should do is start the WhatsApp application .
  2. Once inside the application, press on three vertical points located in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
  3. Among the many options that appear, you will find Web WhatsApp , click on it.
  4. All active sessions within the application are displayed on the screen. To close them just click on each one and then on Close session .
  5. Similarly, you can click the button Close all sessions to properly terminate WhatsApp Web on all your computers.
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Using the above methods will make sure you log out of WhatsApp on all your computers and don't worry, you can easily log back into WhatsApp Web.

Either way, logging out correctly will help protect your information by anyone who can access your account. It is something we recommend to all users who constantly use the WhatsApp web application.

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