How to know if my WordPress has been hacked and how to avoid it?

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WordPress is a very popular content manager on the internet, which offers its users excellent functions to create and create original web pages in a simple way. Therefore, your page can become a victim of hacker attacks. So, you ask yourself how to know if my WordPress has been hacked and how to avoid it? This post will answer this question very simply.

    How to know the hack in WordPress?

    When a web page is hacked, shows some signs which indicate to users that their page has been the victim of attacks by cyber criminals.

    Detect if your page has been hacked

    Here we will show you how to know if your WordPress has been hacked:

    • One obvious sign that WordPress has been hacked is the inability to access the editor . The hacker must have changed your data.

    Note: It is a good idea to limit the number of login attempts in this case, as this will prevent a hacker from attempting to enter your website multiple times.

    • Constantly check the list of users authorized to access your WordPress.
    • Your WordPress it has been modified , i.e. the settings you set up on your website have been changed without your permission.
    • Your page has inappropriate images, content, or links to other websites that you have never added.
    • Look at the visits to your website, as they are an indicator to see if something is wrong. If traffic drops rapidly overnight, your website can be considered dangerous by many browsers, which is why many users don't access it.
    • Your WordPress sends amount of Email di spam which drastically increase the increase in visits or it may be the case that you do not receive any e-mails.
    • When it searches for your favorite browser for your WordPress page, the browser warns you that you are trying to access a malicious page.
    • Your page will redirect to other pages web that can be created by these cyber attackers.
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    • If the hacker has introduced a large amount of malicious code to your page, it will slow down and crash constantly.
    • Your bandwidth increases dramatically due to the malicious code the hacker has introduced into WordPress or the amount of spam you receive.
    • The most drastic thing that can happen is that your page disappears.

    How to avoid hacking?

    In a short and simple way we show you how you can protect your website from malicious code that can be introduced by malicious people:

      If you use WordPress to design your blog, follow the advice in this post to avoid being a victim of attacks produced by hackers. Don't waste your time and now try to improve the security of your website. We hope this article will be very useful to you.

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