How to know if someone has read an email in Gmail

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We always want to be aware of the information we have sent they are received and read correctly; As in the case of different social networks such as WhatsApp, Messenger, among others, which always have one check in so that we know that the information reached the person and a double when they saw it; Now, how do you know if someone has read an email in Gmail? Find out how to do it here.

How to know if someone has read an email in Gmail

    Confirm email reading

    Gmail can give you this read receipt option, but not for all account types. For example, when you send a mass and personalized email in Gmail, this read receipt option is not active. However, when you send emails to account di work or school (in case you have such accounts); You can activate this option with simple steps that we will show you below.

    The first thing you should do on your device is open Gmail, write an email, at the bottom right go to the options and select Request reading confirmation ; You will see these confirmations in the received tab. But remember that these confirmations may have to wait for other people's approval. In fact, there is also the option to know if an email has been read in Hotmail.

    On the other hand, you may want to create a corporate Gmail email for businesses and thus be able to control the receipt of the emails sent to your customers; Well, Gmail gives you this option as well. But what if what you have is a common Gmail account. Here we show you what you can do.

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    Install the extensions you need to know if someone has read an email in Gmail

    Since Gmail doesn't offer these kinds of options for common accounts, you can install extensions or applications on your PC or device to see if the person has seen the mail; Here we show you the most Popular .

    • The first is Boomerang per Gmail, which gives you many options and tools for your Gmail; One of them is that it keeps track of the mail sent, but keep in mind that it notifies the other user; With this extension you can also schedule the sending of an email or send a reply reminder.
    • As a second option there is Bananatag, which is also an application to monitor if your emails have been received and read; you can do it with 5 emails a day.
    • And since the last extension is mailtrack, one of the most used and recommended applications by Gmail clients, since like other messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, it also shows you when the mail has been received and read, marking it with a green check mark or double check; also with this extension you will be able to see at what time the message was opened and how many times is it been open.

    How to install these extensions quickly and easily

    In order to install an extension in the Chrome browser, you have to activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu and then you have to go to the drop-down menu located at the top right, then choose the configuration option, then choose the extensions tab and get more extensions, where a link to the Chrome WebStore, where all the extensions already described above will appear.

    Then, when you select the extension you want, press the Add to Chrome button and then a window will appear where you will add an extension; then it will take you to a window where you will click the only button for connect with Google , to connect this extension with your Gmail.

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    Finally, the next time you open your email, hit Allow to make the extension work; And in the upper right corner you will see the logo extension that you just installed.

    With these practical and simple tricks you will be able to find out how to verify that your emails have been received correctly and if the user to whom you sent them has seen them, and also how many times he has done so; can select the extension that best suits your your needs. If you liked this topic, you can leave your comments and suggestions at the end.

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