How to know or check if a game works or works for me on my Android phone

For many people, quarantine means having to use many ways in which the person can be entertained. That is why it is very important that people are aware of what phone gaming is and that they know that there are games that can or they cannot be performed on their smartphones.

What is mobile or cellular gaming?

This is the type of video game that is only available for smartphone phones, this is due to a number of reasons, of which the main one is time, added to savings. This is because, since smartphones are such common devices, being able to play games from them is very simple.

Thanks to the wide availability of phones, there are many companies that are developing games for mobile phones as well they publish them like bread. To be able to download them you simply need to log into the PlayStore and search for them by name.

When you want to download a game, you you will be asked for a username and password which must be connected to Google's servers to verify your download and send content as quickly as your internet connection allows.

Many times the games are exclusive to different countries, such as happened with Fate, a hugely popular anime girl game that was only available in Japan. However, with the correct tricks, people have discovered ways to download games from Google Playstore even if they are not available for the country.

Just like there are many applications , there are several that are recognized for having an extensive list of requirements the phone must meet before running it. They are generally low.

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Which applications and games have many requirements?

It is mainly about games that use 3D modeling to be able to move the graphics engines that are started inside the phone to generate the images that are seen during the game. The importance of fluidity in this process is understood, because the smoother the image, the better the user experience.

That is why there are a number of applications that can function in different ways to be able to adapt to the availabilities they have on the phone where they work.

The applications that require the most from your phone will always be the editing video, eg. On the other hand, the heaviest games for the phone today are PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, and Fate.

These games they have amassed millions of dollars in profits for their developers, as they are used by a large number of people who perform "micro-transactions" within the game in exchange for better items to help them beat the game quickly.

However, before you invest in time and storage, you need to figure out if your phone is able to run programs smoothly in so you can experience your game peacefully.

How can we know or check if a game works for me or works on my Android phone?

This is of great importance, because despite the fact that our mobile phone is high-end or that we bought it not so long ago, it does not mean that it can run any game that is thrown at it. Here because you should always do 2 procedures , one takes less time than the other.

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The first, and simplest, is download the game and find out for yourself . Android usually tries to run the game under any circumstances, despite not having enough frames per second, so even if the game starts up, you should play and make sure it runs smoothly. Other times, your device won't even be able to launch the application.

The other, more sensible and less complicated way is in the Google Playstore. This allows the user to view the physical and digital components of their mobile phone. Thanks to this, you can quickly enter the Playstore and check if your phone meets the requirements, to download the game you want and enjoy without problems.

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