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IMEI as its name indicates 'International Mobile Equipment Identify' is a series of numbers between 15 and 17 digits, which are considered the unique and unrepeatable license plate of the telephone. Since it allows you to differentiate one team from another. If you need to check your IMEI or its block, there are several ways to do it, one way is to dial * # 06 # on your mobile keypad as if you were going to make a call.

The complete IMEI number will appear there, which is composed as follows; the first 6 digits are the TAC (Type Allocation Code), the digits 7 and 8 are the manufacturer code, the digits 9 to 14 are the verifier code, while the last number is used only as an equipment verifier.

It should be noted that this code allows the free operation of the equipment, since it allows it to be recognized by the telecommunications company and therefore make calls, send messages, among other functions . In case the IMEI of the phone is blocked or reported, it would cause a problem to the user because they will not be able to use the mobile phone as required.

Generally, getting the IMEI code is something simple to do if it's on, however if it's not, get your IMEI if your phone is off or you don't have it nearby, you can also get it and even know or check if the 'My phone's IMEI is locked, you just need to verify it to get it.

    Options to know and make sure if the IMEI of a mobile is blocked

    For a phone's IMEI to be blocked, in most cases this is done it happens because it was reported as stolen. Which happens very often nowadays and then those teams are resold. Therefore, if you want to know if your phone's IMEI is blocked or to check the IMEI, just perform a check to clear up any doubts.

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    How to know if a mobile is reported as stolen

    The first thing to do is verify that the device recognizes a telephone network and is functioning normally. That is, you can make calls and send messages. By performing this step you will find out if the phone is locked or not. Since the IMEI is blocked, the device will not recognize any telephone operators and will not allow calls to be made.

    It should be noted that this method is not completely foolproof because there may not be good signal reception or something happens that does not allow you to make a call. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the telephone operator to check directly with them the IMEI code in their system, as they have a database with locked codes. And so you can check if your mobile's IMEI is reported as stolen.

    Steps to check the IMEI of a mobile

    Check in the cell phone box

    All devices have IMEI printed somewhere and also in the respective original box in which it was packed you will also find this code printed. Therefore, you can verify by directly dialing the following number * # 06 # so that the IMEI appears on the device screen and then verify that it is the same as the printed one.

    By dialing the number * # 06 # on the mobile

    Another method consists when inserting a SIM Card of a different operator in the device to check if it is blocked or not. Also, another technique to check the IMEI of the phone is to dial * # 06 # to get the code and so you can go to the page where you have to enter the IMEI code as it is expressed on the screen.

    Then choose the 'Check SN / WARRANTY / CARRIER' option. Here you can see the complete information about the phone status. If in the Courier section says OPEN it means that the equipment is free, but if it expresses the name of an operator it is because it is limited to you.

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    Finally, remember that if you are the victim of theft or robbery, you must report the event to the competent authorities and the operator of the equipment. This way you can block the stolen cellphone via IMEI and prevent the thief from using it.

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