How to know or detect if there is a pipe in a wall of my house

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Repairs, restorations and renovations Households can be an adventure, but they can turn into a calamity if done improperly. Knowing how to detect if there is a pipe in the house wall can save you a lot of headaches.

In these turbulent times, people try to save quickly at home, many times to correct a shortage or in view of the renovation of a space in the house, for this they resort to advantageous savings accounts, but all the effort can remain of part, if something unwanted happens, like a fracture of the tube , or you run into it by surprise, and the whole project ends.

The best profitable business ideas can be in aid of plumbing, cosmetic remodeling of spaces, or the like, but all can be cut short if unexpected damage or problems occur to elements such as pipes that were not known in the walls. Also, one of the best ways to manage personal money will be to protect yourself from future harm. So let's analyze how to know or detect if there is a pipe in a wall of my house.

    How to make and use a wall pipe detector

    They are elements of daily use for remodeling professionals, who through an advanced scanning and revision system can easily and accurately detect the existence and position of the different pipes that may exist in the wall of the house.

    Its use is extremely efficient and fast, as it provides real-time information on internal components present in the bowels of the wall, as well as their position, which will ensure that the integrity of the wall is not compromised. or restructuring of the space.

    An important factor to take into consideration is its cost, which can represent a considerable amount , not a fortune, but something to consider and evaluate. However, if a professional is hired, their use will be included and reduced. Therefore, it is an investment that should be considered.

    I go through to create a pipe detector and find pipes in my house

    Buildings are not elements that are built under the evolution of life, they deserve structure, analysis, qualified personnel, first-class materials and everything related to construction, but there is something we need to focus on, the component design and distribution , what does it do from the hand of a professional.

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    The design and distribution are structured thanks to a team of engineering and architecture, which establish and assign the general and specific layout of each element present in the building. Which in turn is recorded in the form of a construction plan.

    Accessing this floor plan is the most detailed and safest fit for to know if there is a pipe in the wall of the house , and its exact location, which must be considered before carrying out any intervention on the physical space, since it can compromise the integrity of the same, or worse, of the structure in question, leaving possible fractures from which leaks, molds, or even worse elements.

    Depending on the scenario, always consider checking the floor plan of the house by looking for the plumbing. Although it is possible that you does not have such a plan . So let's see other releases.

    In many cases we don't have the usual tools to detect pipes, nor do we have specialized equipment, which is why we can make a pipe detector at home. The first thing you need to do is purchase a battery powered radio, calculator and tape.

    The next thing you should know is that it will work in the form of a metal detector that works in waves. Also to get started you have to grab the radio and search for the AM frequency proceeding to raise the volume to the highest point.

    Then a you have to move the calculator around the radio and pay attention to the sound it emits because this will be the sample of the waves it is transmitting. It's best to stick that calculator to the radio with the tape you bought earlier.

    Once the detector has been made, it is advisable to test it with a screw by approaching it until it emits a sound and check its operation and then proceed to use it on the walls. Basically when you hear a beep, there is a tube inside and you start looking elsewhere in the house.

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    Ways to detect the water pipe and whether or not it is leaking

    Advances in technology don't let anything through so there is a PWG 2000 pipe detector that what it does is generate waves to locate plastic tubes with electronic pulses and can reach a long distance. In addition, it has the ability to locate pipes with water to know if it has a leak or not through the water pressure. They are called acoustic waves and based on how perceptible they are noticed determines the loss and also its position.

    Among its greatest advantages is that reaches a lot of depth , that is, if the ground is in good condition, it goes even deeper to detect all the pipes you need.

    Is it possible to find plastic water pipes inside the walls?

    Currently there are many houses that have chosen to use plastic and non-metal pipes, all this because metal ones tend to rust . At the same time, it has a big drawback, which is that paralytic tubes are much more difficult to spot.

    It is indeed possible to find plastic water pipes but in many cases, specialized people are needed in the area or learn to use the right tools. At the same time, it may also be possible thanks to the technology and use of our mobile phones.

    Instruments for detecting plastic pipes

    What we mainly want is always to be able detect these said pipes without having to perform any work in this sense , for this a Gloc Pe Locator is mainly used which has the ability to locate pipes by pressure with plumbing networks and the best of all is that it is a basic and simple procedure that will not bring any side effects to your pipes.

    Another of the most common tools is a PS 50 Multidetector and this not only detects plastic pipes but also metal ones. Likewise, this is much more advanced because it has a built-in screen, which is able to show up to the depth where the pipe is.

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    There is also another very useful tool called BOSCH D-TECT 150 which, like the previous ones, has the task of detecting pipes, but works via extended sensors and also has a screen for more details. It is one of the most accurate tools as it carefully displays the exact depth the pipe is in.

    Can I use my mobile to find pipes inside the walls?

    Technology cannot be relegated to the sole use and disposal of professional work tools . It is necessary to mention the Walabot and his great contribution in solving this problem. It is a digital device that connects to the mobile, the mobile will work through a connection and mobile application, which does not return the Walabot screen.

    This element is a personal scanner that detects concise and precise materials within structures, providing information on their size, caliber and also by sensing using thermometers. This very versatile and specialized element can represent an excellent solution for the detection of pipes within the walls of a house.

    In Android

    The Walobot app is important to note that it only works on the Android system and that not only detects pipes but also cables and other components like nails from a distance.

    Since its connection is via USB, it is not available for iOS It is also important to note that the detected information is displayed on the mobile phone screen with its specifications.

    Your iOS

    For the iPhone system there is also an application called Tesla that you can download and get the pipes from your mobile. This application is much faster than tube detection machines, but it may not have the same accuracy.

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