How to know the applications I have installed on my Apple Watch?

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The apple better known as Apple is one of the best companies today when it comes to creating electronic devices. One of them is your smartwatch, which has a variety of downloadable apps. But I can know the applications that I have installed on mine Apple Watch ?

The question is not superfluous, since many users don't even know what they have on their phone after a while, imagine on their watch, which is smaller and where you can only look at the screen to see them all . But today you will discover the solution.

      Do you know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch

      Straight to the point, how can you know the apps that are on your smartwatch? Well, really, and in case you haven't noticed, the applications are right there on the watch in mini-sphere mode.

      They are all on the home screen for easy access when you want, but the problem comes when too many applications are already installed, to the point that you can't see exactly what it is (obviously due to the size of the screen). the screen).

      For this, Apple has created an ingenious solution and it consisted of creating the list mode, and if you didn't know it, it's because it really went unnoticed (it was included in WatchOS4).

      The way to activate this mode is very simple, first press the crown to exit what would be watch mode, once you can see the mess of applications you have, use the Force Touch to bring up the pop-up menu.

      Here you will see the two options appear, the mosaic mode which is the active one and the new list mode, press that and that's it, all the applications within your SmartWatch they will be reflected in a list that you can scroll through by swiping up.

      And it's so easy to learn about the applications I have installed on my Apple Watch, just as it's easy to take pictures with the Apple Watch camera, as it doesn't take five minutes out of anyone's life.

      Manage phone apps

      Obviously, before even managing them, the apps must first be downloaded and installed: the applications on the Apple Watch to achieve the goal.

      Since you never have to stick to a single option, there is another way to see APPs, and that's via the iPhone (this is as easy as the previous one). To know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch with the iPhone phone, you must first open the App Watch and then press the section called "My watch".

      Once there you will be able to view all your applications as if it were the watch list mode, but in a big way. And not only can you see them, there are other functions like:

      Letting you see which App you can install that you don't have in a section called “Apps available”. Also, from there you can add an application you don't have and remove the ones you don't need. For the latter, you just have to tap it and turn it off so it doesn't reflect on your phone (so you can manage your watch with more order).

      advice stay updated

      With the above explained, knowing the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch has been left behind and in a good way, with two simple tricks that will help you in management of your watch.

      This way, you won't get any errors when using simple tools or methods like recording voice memos on Apple Watch.

      So in conclusion, what better way to say goodbye than learning how to keep apps on automatically. All you have to do is press the digital crown of the watch and, from the start, go to " Settings ".

      Once there, select the section "App Store" , here open an option called "Turn on automatic downloads", and another call "Automatic Updates", when you activate both then when you buy a new App on any device it will download it on the watch and also the updates will download by itself.

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