How to know the reputation of a seller in MercadoLibre

Free market it is one of the largest and most recognized digital marketplaces, so vast that you can even buy in other countries. A place where you can sell or buy almost everything. With defined rules and a system that allows you to generate trust in those who belong to this community.

To buy or sell, you must register by creating a profile and a personal password, which will allow you to participate in one of two ways.

How to know the reputation of a seller in MercadoLibre

Today, more and more people are joining this community, finding everything from services to new and used items, as well as at a wide variety of prices. Now, one of the things you should know to get a good result from your experience is just how to know the a seller's reputation.

      What is MercadoLibre's reputation?

      When you enter the MercadoLibre community , you have the option to participate as both a buyer and a seller. Now, in both cases it will always be convenient to take care of your reputation, so that your image is trustworthy in front of the rest of the community.

      Every time you make a transaction, whether buying or selling, your counterpart must evaluate you , just as you rate. MercadoLibre then adds and averages those ratings to place them in a table that reflects whether the highest percentage is negative, positive or neutral.

      How is a seller's reputation calculated?

      To calculate a seller's reputation, the automatic system of MercadoLibre consider three specific things. The number of completed transactions, regardless of the number of items sold. How often sales are made and ultimately how you are rated by your buyers. This data is updated once a month.

      How can I see a seller's reputation in MercadoLibre?

      When you browse MercadoLibre and you decide to take a closer look at an offer, the first thing you do is open it with one click. This takes you to a screen where you will see more photos of the product and a detailed description of the same.

      On the right of the screen, next to the photos, you will find a series of data such as the price, the number of items and some information on the payment and delivery method . Then the buy button, under which you will find some seller information . This data can be expanded a little more to see all the seller data.

      The Evaluation Thermometer

      At the bottom of this graph, you'll see a evaluation thermometer ranging from red to green. This is the first taste you'll get of the seller's reputation.

      If the thermometer is red, the seller is highly not recommended. If it is green instead, it means that its reputation is very good or very good . Yellow and orange in between mean you're right in the middle of both extremes.

      How to view buyer feedback

      Sometimes, the seller's reputation isn't bad or average because of bad experiences, but because has not yet reached enough transactions to be evaluated by the system. In that case, it's best to check the comments left by your former buyers.

      To do this, you will go to the right side of the screen and under the thermometer you will find some interesting numbers. It reflects the percentage of recommendations that the seller has, the time he has been in MercadoLibre and the number of completed transactions.

      Further below this data, you can select "see seller reviews" . This will take you to the rating table where you can confirm if you can trust him or if you prefer to continue your search until you are satisfied.

      Trust in MercadoLibre

      This digital market bases its effectiveness on a trust system . Therefore, reputation plays a vital role in its functioning. That's why it's so important to rate a seller after we've made our purchase.

      This will give ai an idea future buyers who will want to interact with this seller. Now, as we have already said, sellers also have a reputation, which serves as a calling card. Which leads us to conclude that taking care of one's image is important in order to be able to manage ourselves successfully within this space.

      So let's not forget to build a good reputation , keep our data up to date, change our password frequently, and cultivate good relationships with community members.

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