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What many users don't know is that when we log into platforms or look for information, we access a data record. But that's how these platforms too access our personal data , this is a very sensitive thing that many do not know. Like the data and private information that WhatsApp stores.

In many cases it has been heard that some social networks save our data and all users who are part of it have been scandalized in some way, for this reason it is important to improve security and privacy on Android phones. Furthermore , the information we transmit through these platforms must be stored with care .

We must know that our information is not completely secure, obviously not all social networks have the same policies or act the same, but what is logical is that they have a lot of data such as our location or the data of what we share daily.

Now that we know our social networks collect certain information about each user, We will also disclose what data and private information WhatsApp stores in our account. So that you are aware of how the information you transmit is handled by this medium and for what purposes it is used?

    What private data does WhatsApp store about you

    We already know that many of these companies have our data and that too WhatsApp does not go unnoticed . The most important advantage is that it allows us to request that data through the same application but by making a request and following a few steps.

    WhatsApp save from more basic to more complex data on your account . In this sense, this app stores your phone number, name and profile photo and the registered email.

    Likewise, it saves phone data such as internet provider or SIM phone company. WhatsApp also saves the browser used, the application version, the IP address , the phone's operating system, and even the percentage of the battery.

    If we talk about legal terms, these applications must always give us the right to access our data, that is know what private information they have about each user which uses WhatsApp.

    The WhatsApp application and many social networks like Facebook save information on your phone and about you. This information is stored by large companies to maintain exact control in a database about who he connects, when he connects and from where he does it.

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    Therefore, it is common for all these companies to have private data and information. It includes the browser used, the type of device and the IP address of the network. Likewise, the date and time of entry, the country and region from which the connection is made, and even the saved contacts.

    All you need to know about the new data protection regulation

    In 2018, the European Union enacted a series of laws whose function is to protect people's data. This is the European General Data Protection Regulation. Which decreed that social networks and companies are obligated to to communicate to users what personal data they store in their databases.

    So Facebook and its companies WhatsApp and Instagram were the first companies to offer this option. So, in each of these platforms you can find a button that asks the application for a report about the data it has saved about you. Therefore, if you want to know the data and private information that WhatsApp stores about you, you just have to request the report.

    Privacy Policy on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp privacy policies are the mechanisms offered by this application to keep our data private. These policies they offer encryption that maintains message privacy of all the chats you do as well as storing data and information on the phone.

    Likewise, it offers the option not to show the photo and status to all people. In addition to blocking information for certain contacts you don't want to see your data.

    End-to-end encryption

    End-to-end encryption is the method used by this application to keep chats and conversations private. In this way, only the person who writes and its recipient will be able to read the information shared in that conversation.

    These chats cannot be read by forensics or cyber hackers. In fact, not even the WhatsApp company can do that, since each message is encrypted with a code, therefore everything remains secret.

    Storing messages on my phone

    Likewise, the WhatsApp application allows for the possibility of store data and information. Since it offers to make a backup on the phone. This way, if for some reason you lose the information you had on your phone, you can restore it with the backup.

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    How to check the privacy of my data on WhatsApp

    Instead, there are some methods that allow you to block data and information which stores WhatsApp. This way you decide how to protect the information or who you want to share it with. In this sense, you can add passwords and fingerprints to open the application or disable the visibility of the profile photo.

    We cannot ignore that not only does the company access our data, that is, it depends on how we have our setup, other users can see the last connection time, profile picture, information and status.

    By default WhatsApp is what it is establishes your privacy settings , but the important thing is that we can change it according to our preferences, you just have to go back to settings, account and privacy. There you will proceed to activate or deactivate what you want.

    Learn to configure everything on your mobile also in this application, another important point is that the "online" cannot be hidden and neither in this case the "writing". But if you can deactivate our last connection time .

    This instant messaging application is undoubtedly the first to have so many users using it, it is very popular, you have to take full advantage of it . It is important to understand the applications we use and learn how to configure WhatsApp Messenger.

    Two-step verification

    Two-Step Verification can be activated to protect and lock your WhatsApp account. Therefore, every time your phone number is registered on another mobile phone, the application will require 6 digits of a code. This prevents anyone else from opening your WhatsApp on another phone.

    Fingerprint lock

    On advanced devices, you can lock your WhatsApp mobile application via fingerprint. To activate this option you need to log into your account and then into the privacy section. Eventually, if you see the option of fingerprint lock , you have to press on it and activate it. This way, only you will be able to access the application and read the messages.

    Privacy in profile picture and states

    Likewise, you can hide your profile photo from all contacts or people you haven't added. You can also do with states, as there is the option of show the status to all your contacts, to some specific ones or to prevent certain contacts from see what you share.

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    How to request a report from my WhatsApp account

    The first thing you should do is enter your WhatsApp application, then in the part top of the right side you will look for the three small lines that appear and proceed to click on it. In the new section, click Settings and then Accounts. The next thing is to click on the function to request my account information.

    At the end of the steps, the management will begin, it is not an immediate process, but this process can take up to three days. It is important to note that you will not see any message information and that you also need to update WhatsApp to the latest version. Many times if we don't have the latest version, this option doesn't appear.

    After three days, the application will send you a message informing you that your report is ready . In this case, what you should do is open the application and follow the steps until requesting an account report to view the report.

    Steps to download the generated report

    To download the report and know what private data and information WhatsApp stores about you, you need to open the application. Then, follow the steps previously performed, account, privacy and request an account report.

    Since the report has already been generated, you will be able to see on one side the button that allows you to save the report you requested. Then you need to click on that and it will download automatically

    Currently most of us belong to some social network or to many, for this reason we must be very careful when entering certain information. Someone might add your information to other profiles or create a user with your profile picture.

    The scams or the mishandling of our information that they can always occur on these social networks they do not lie to anyone, especially in the most used and popular social networks in the world. According to our information and the time we use our networks, they can get to know us more, learn about habits and lifestyle.

    Many times even the Facebook application generates videos or memories with our information why everything remains in the memory of the social network . Submerging more account information can be tricky in many cases because we don't really know who is behind the screen or what the other user's intentions are with your data. They can even personalize your information.

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