How to know what name your contacts or friends have registered or added to you on WhatsApp

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At the time of WhatsApp installation our contacts on the mobile phone are synchronized with the application but the application does not identify us if the contact we have added has registered us, for this reason it is important to identify yourself with certain characteristics that WhatsApp must identify if the contact we have an agenda, also has us in their contact list , like Telegram which has similar but different characteristics to WhatsApp, there are some signals and ways to know it quickly and easily, in this article we will answer that Question that intrigues us so much besides knowing under what name they saved us in that list.

    If we are in doubt of knowing if they have registered us on their friends list it is even easier and this can be found out without having to write to your contacts , we can know if they have not registered us because each user has a similar configuration or standard that makes known the similarities between users who do not have us in their friends list, WhatsApp has a series of automatic options for this because it protects the user's privacy in a hunched way and in general for users and numbers.

    • Enter your contact list on WhatsApp and verify that both the profile picture and the contact description appear under the name with which you registered it on your mobile.
    • Its loaded states do not appear to you with the knowledge that it is loaded into the application states, but these statuses or images loaded in the application do not appear to you.

    First you need to know that privacy in WhatsApp is quite encrypted and important, so more than trying to find a bug in the application showing you how they saved you, it is a trick or a maneuver you can do to your contacts previously that they added you It's a question indirectly to know how they programmed you , it is simple and simple, in fact it works for any contact you have registered, only yours but also that of common friends or family and the one out of curiosity you want to know.

    • First access your WhatsApp contact list , this way you can see who you want to write to and find out how they registered you.
    • Proceed to write to that contact and I have explained to you that you need me for forward your phone number but this directly from the application means sharing the contact.
    • When you share your contact, a chat bubble will appear with your details but from your mobile, here highlight the name you saved under.
    • Another effective way to find out is ask him to send you a screenshot of the chat you need to see something, when he sends you the screenshot of the chat, the name with which he registered you in his list will be visible.
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    And this would be the easiest way to know how they registered you in their contact list, there are no other methods or ways to know it because each user's information is encrypted in so that they are totally safe and you would not be able to know this data remotely outside the mobile phone, for this reason, more than a glitch or an application trick, it is the correct way to make your contacts provide you with such information but without knowing the intention with which you do it, either out of curiosity or for another reason, there is a fairly high possibility that they will end up giving you your contact.

    How to know if they have added me on WhatsApp?

    These are simple ways to know if they have added you or not, this also applies to WhatsApp Web because once the contact has registered all these WhatsApp security measures are removed or unlocked from the same application in order to ensure that the contact or user has a known number added and which is not a risk, this is done by WhatsApp with the intent to protect the user from spam or suspicious contacts that could harm the person or user who installed the application and protect him from people who they got the number externally and not through the user.

    How to see someone else's name on WhatsApp

    When you sign up for WhatsApp, it will ask for your name, so that others can recognize you if they don't have your number. We can see this name , something useful if someone writes to you and you don't know who they are.

    • The first thing is open the WhatsApp application , now you have to go directly to the chat or search your contacts for the user in question.
    • Click on their number at the top of the Chat. The information section should open, just to the right of the number or name the user's name will be displayed.
    • Note that one name will only be displayed if that user has configured it , otherwise this section will be empty.
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