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There are many companies available today for sending and receiving packages, but not all of them have proven to be as important, reliable as Walmart has been, to be recognized as a reliable company, with a high degree of responsibility in delivering. products and services.

But what is Walmart? What do you offer? Can I place and receive orders from where I reside? if it is not possible what should I do? How to locate my order and, most importantly, how long will it take for my order to arrive? These and others Walmart questions will be answered in this article , let's start with the first.

How To Know Where My Walmart Order Is And How Long It Takes A Shipment To Arrive - Home Delivery

What is Walmart?

It is a type of international partnership company that was founded in the United States in 1962 by Sam Walton, its headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart is a retail company and not just any one, one of the largest that can be known today, one of its stores is the Sam`s Club Retail Stores. The type of business or company Walmart runs is more multinational.

What does Walmart offer me?

You can place your order online from your home, by entering our official store site, you can also be part of the Walmart family, there are many employees, being a private association.

In addition, it has around 11.000 stores at your disposal in 28 countries and 65 brands available, where you will be offered a wide variety of products, as well as being able to check your ticket without any problems, among other services.

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Does Walmart ship internationally?

This company is based in the United States, so its customers will not be able to consider purchasing their good products directly da Walmart since they don't ship overseas What can be done in this case?

As a good buyer, you might consider reserving your good products with a company that offers a parcel delivery service , one such company is Planet Express.

Walmart has many stores in the United States and from some of them your goods can be forwarded to the address provided to the company. Next, we will tell you what to do in just three steps:

Step 1

Find a free address for the company running the forwarding service packages in the United States e ask if they get Walmart packages from there .

Step 2

Please email the package shipping company in so that when the package arrived, you will be notified.

Step 3

Indicates the method of shipping to any part of the United States or one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, India, Chile, Argentina and others.

How to track my parcel from Walmart?

To find out where your order is located is very simple, you just have to check its online status, and do the following.

  • Log into the Walmart website and select your account in the upper right corner and log in, select "account" or "tracking information" from the drop-down menu and that's it.
  • Now, if no information about your order is shown, it is because, 48 hours after sending the order , the status will be updated, not all couriers provide information on the traceability of the goods.

On the other hand, if the state shows that the order has already been delivered but the person does not have it in their hands, it is due to reasons, for example.

  • The goods can go through many couriers, you have to confirm the address I give to Walmart to locate your package.
  • Position yourself on the Ship24 site then use the number that was sent to your email after making your purchase and enter it in the status search for your item.
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How long does it take for a Walmart order to arrive?

Once your order is placed, it will take the company 4 hours to process your purchase and approximately 2 hours to complete the process. Likewise , orders will be shipped out within 3-5 days , as well as those whose cost exceeds 35 dollars.

Furthermore, offers express shipping of your package , you just need to cancel $ 10, it will deliver your order to your door and in 2 hours.

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