How to know where the closest supermarket to my location is

The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of many, many people. Among these types of people, there are those who have to leave the place they are in and move to a completely new place. This is very common, because many people have returned to their parents' home or changed their address to a cheaper place, with which they can resist. How do I find out my current position on Google Maps?
Learn how to use Google Maps to find a supermarket in the pandemic economy.

How to find a supermarket closest to my location

However, many times changing places involves very intense changes in the routine, because now you have to find out where things are in this new place where you are . A very important thing that you should know where are the supermarkets that are nearby.

    How do I find out my current position on Google Maps?

    To know our position we have to go to the Google Maps page, in the lower right corner we click on the option my position, this will cause a blue dot to be reflected on the map showing our current position. This tool is very useful if we find ourselves lost or if we are in a place that we do not know very well.

    Learn to use Google Maps to find a supermarket

    It is also very simple if you want to know where the Walmart closest to you is, you just need to download the Walmart app via its Once downloaded, activate your location and the app will locate the Walmart center or affiliates closer to your location.

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    However, the quickest and most effective way to find out which one supermarket is closest to you is via Google . You see, this service always takes into account where you are making your request from. That is, while you are using the internet, anything you do can find you, because your actions can always be traced back to the device you made them from, unless you take your privacy very seriously and use a VPN to hide your real location.

    However, if you want to keep showing your location on the internet, no problem. If you want to know which is the nearest supermarket, you just have to type in Google search "Supermarkets nearby" or the phrase "Supermarkets near me" / "close to me". This always gives the result of a Google Maps map highlighting the supermarkets you need.

    Why are supermarkets so important?

    I am a shop of great importance. If you are an inexperienced home buyer, or first time renting an apartment on your own, or have just become independent from your parents, you will know that many times you need things in the house that may not be available in the nearest small shop. Many times we need to be stocked with a greater quantity of products.

    When you live alone you will always need quick fixes, because you are alone. It is always important to have a place where you can have a pharmacy, bank, restaurant or supermarket. A very famous supermarket chain is Walmart, of American origin .

    supermarkets with Mega Store where you can go to buy from fresh vegetables to the newest video games. In Spain we have several, like Mercadona, in Colombia they have Éxito supermarkets. Walmart rules in the United States and many other countries.

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    Are there bigger shops than supermarkets?

    It really depends on the city you are in. If you are in a small town, the safest thing is that the largest center you can find are supermarkets. However, if you live in a capital like Madrid, for example, you will have many more shops which are many times larger than supermarkets. These stores are classified as Megacentros and are also known as Hypermarkets . Walmart was the first company to use this type of store.

    The importance of the hypermarket lies in the fact that it tries to offer a space that is not a shopping center, since the main focus is only the distribution of food. That said, many hypermarkets will always have food fairs, in which there are several places where you can eat delicious dishes. These restaurants are usually regional brands, so it's always important that you go to support the initiatives of your city.

    Hypermarkets are such big places that will pass certainly hours and hours of looking at objects that you will want to buy. However, if you want to stay focused, you can check out a guide that shows you which are the best mobile phone market directory building apps.

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