How to know where you died in Minecraft? – Coordinates of your last death

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Know the exact place in which you died in Minecraft is one of the things you should ask yourself the most during your entire stay in the game.

Since, when you die, all the things you had in your inventory come throw in the exact place where you died , and there they remain for a while, before disappearing forever. Thus, knowing the location of the event usually becomes more than necessary, especially if you have nowhere to rest, so you appear randomly on the map.

How to know where you died in Minecraft - Coordinates of your last death

      Server with plugins installed

      Not only is this game great in the amount of map size, but it also has a large community and many, many servers. People who have dedicated their lives to the game have managed to create kingdoms with many utilities, plugins and extensions that provide services to users.

      That said, some have the ability to let you know where you died in Minecraft, or rather, go back to the place where you died from a fall, monster, hunger, poisoning or any other reason.

      This is achieved by installing an extension that allows users to navigate to the place of their death, by opening the command console and entering the shortcut "/back".

      trail of crumbs

      Finding a way to know where you died in Minecraft is just hard, but there are ways to track your location so you can find it more easily.

      To do this, you have to create many torches and have blocks available , it doesn't matter what kind they are, although if they have a striking color, much better.

      The method is to collect more than 6 blocks, one on top of the other, and fill the latter with torches, then you have to create many of them in a line, leaving a trail behind you. So you will be able to guide yourself with these and get your stuff after you die for any reason, although it is not recommended if you go too far from home.

      This is a highly recommended method if you have a fixed respawn point and are heading to a fixed location relatively close to home, although you can use it freely if you wish to explore.

      Keep your inventory instead of being thrown where you died in Minecraft

      While this method cannot tell or take you to the definitive location of your death, it can be very helpful as the biggest concern of dying in the game is losing your stuff.

      Therefore, this method may seem like a more than sufficient alternative to the problem of locating your inventory, since you shouldn't have to worry about looking for it again .

      Also, if you've been killed by an overwhelming horde of monsters, it's best to avoid danger and stay at home with your entire inventory. In order for this to take effect in the game, it is important to enable the ability to enter commands into the game, which is obtained from the solo game creation menu.

      Then, within the game, you have to open the console or dialogue with " T " and write the following code: "/gamerule keepInventory true".

      As you can see by reading this shortcut, what this does is change a default game rule, which prevents your inventory from staying with you once you die. Or rather, it's a rule that isn't active, since it's one of the aspects they identify survival methods .

      By activating it, there will no longer be a need to know where you died in Minecraft, nor will you have to deal with whatever creature killed you in the first place, keeping your integrity intact.

      However, if you feel that the gaming experience is not the same, you can still disable this attribute again, by entering in the console: "/gamerule keepInventory false".

      In this game it can be very useful to download Mods for any version of your game.

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