How to know which applications are using and consuming the most battery in Windows 10

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Windows is an operating system, or rather a set of operating systems that develop complete software for computers and other intelligent devices. This is why it has been the favorite program of users all over the world since its creation.

This platform was born as a project of the Microsoft company, which in the mid-eighties saw the need for develop a new operating system ; that she had major improvements compared to the initial program that already ran on computers of the time.

Currently, new versions of Windows have been presented, each of these have been consecutive and have been proposed to improve the way users navigate on their device. Windows 10 coincides with the new intelligent digital age and has innovative tools and applications.

How to know which applications are using and consuming the most battery in Windows 10?

Commonly in mobile devices there is the possibility to show on the screen the percentage of battery that has been consumed, moreover the system sends notifications to warn of a high consumption of battery by an application.

This turns out to be an important tool; as the person can make predictions and charge their mobile phone or equipment. This way it is possible avoid overloads and therefore extend their useful life .

This is why the Windows 10 version allows you to get a record of those applications that use and consume the most battery during the running time of the computer.

Steps to identify which programs or apps are consuming the most battery on my Windows 10 computer

If you have noticed that your computer's performance is not the same, it is normal for you to feel a little worried. First we need to analyze two possibilities of why this event occurs.

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The first is that the device battery is not working properly or that there are one or more programs or applications that consume power much faster. The version of the Windows 10 operating system has incorporated new tools into the functioning of the computer. Like the ones found in the task manager, which you can customize.

It will be at this point that we will have to log in to clarify our doubts, so the first thing we need to do is enter the task manager option. You can do this in the following two ways:

  • Click the menu Windows (press the key with the Windows logo). And then type in the search panel "task manager".
  • You can also press the keys at the same time: Ctrl + Shift + Esc .

The task manager box will appear and inside it is an options menu at the top of the screen. Select i "processes" alternative, which is the first choice.

After that, a whole list of currently running programs and applications will be displayed. You can also find the percentage rate that each of these consumed.

In this space you will have the opportunity to discard those applications or programs that you think are not really necessary, by clicking on the box with the word "finish" , placed next to each one.

How can I manage programs and apps so they don't drain my battery?

In case it is not advisable to discard some of the applications or programs that are running on your computer, you can use some strategies to reduce energy consumption:

Try to activate the how to save your computer . To do this, enter the configuration section and click on the option "Battery" , in this section you can activate the battery saving mode conditionally; that is, you can choose what percentage of the battery you want this option to be activated.

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Start using the "Dark Mode" that has been implemented in Windows 10, that way that much percentage won't be spent on the flashing screen. Access the settings again but this time click "Colors" , now activate the option "Dark application mode" .

By following these steps you will be able to manage programs and apps so that they don't drain the battery of your Windows 10 computer.

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