How to know which Bluetooth version I have on my Android phone

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At this time, where a large part of the world's population owns an Android mobile, it is extremely necessary for them to know the general characteristics of their equipment, as this will help them understand the different problems that may arise.

How to know which Bluetooth version I have on my Android phone

Compatibility between teams? Why is my computer not working as it should? and among others whose solution may be simple but in the absence of knowledge the user is complicated. From there arises the need to recognize the hardware of the equipment if your PC or laptop has a Bluetooth connection.

Now, which hardware should we know and how it will help us know which one type or classification matches, often the hardware of the same brand in his equipment is usually the same, but there are cases when they differ.

Therefore, knowing in general terms the access to information that the equipment provides us, will be very useful as a tool with couplings between other equipment, as is the case with Bluetooth.

      What is Bluetooth?

      If you've already installed and turned on Bluetooth on your computer, it's important to find out which version ours hosts Android device . It is first and foremost necessary to know what the term Bluetooth really is and what it is used for.

      Bluetooth is a technology born in 1998, and since its first launch it has had the functionality of share data between different technological devices without the need to have a connection cable between them.

      This was a real advance at the time, and wireless technology was not only about being able to send photos between two mobile phones with a cable, but also housed different types of information (videos, books, pictures, video games and more).

      What in the space of about 5 years has represented one of the most necessary tools for teams, has made it its creator's goal to optimize its technology in terms of coverage, scope, focus and among other aspects; which needed to be improved for customers' needs.

      At present, the Bluetooth is still a frequently used tool, even though Wi-Fi allows basically the same benefits at a different distance, there are still devices that are connected via Bluetooth due to the effectiveness which in comparative terms exceeds the WiFi .

      What types of devices and equipment connect via Bluetooth?

      Bluetooth is a tool that has come a long way since its inception, since what seemed like a simple data transmission actually became the substitute par excellence for connection cables .

      So that we are no longer just talking about sending images and photos, we are talking about controlling an appliance through others such as speakers, headphones, televisions, wireless toys, professional cameras , drones and among many others.

      In addition to data transmission from PC a PC, da Android a PC and among other cases, since not all people do not have a cable and therefore see the use of Bluetooth as the shortest and fastest answer.

      How to know which Bluetooth version I have on my Android phone

      To know the Bluetooth version that our Android has, it is only necessary that the equipment turns on and works normally, since monitoring really does not have any degree of complexity.

      • The device must be unlocked and placed on the home screen, i.e. you don't have to be in any application.
      • Drag your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, which will display a new tab.
      • Find the button settings , on most Androids it's in the upper right corner and looks like a gear.
      • Among the different options shown by the settings tab, we will select the one that says Applications or another similar term.
      • We will look for among the options the one with the name of Bluetooth and we will open it.
      • We will be able to view the version number that the device uses from the name of the application, for example: V 4.0 .

      After knowing which version of Bluetooth you have, you can predict problems in the future, such as buying headphones and knowing if these headphones connect via Bluetooth , this will save you a lot of trouble.

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