How to know which operating system my Smart TV has Android or another?

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There are a variety of brands of software and devices that they are characterized by their operating system different from other TVs, in this article we will evaluate and differentiate all this number of systems that our smart TVs have, including more popular brands than others in addition to identifying which operating system our TV has.

Smart TV operating systems

Let's start with Samsung's most famous and distinctive Tizen, a Korean brand that has been the market leader in terms of technology, it's straightforward and straightforward in a way that makes it easy for the user to locate the functions of the TV as well as the applications it has. offering us a simple open source system for the varied and updated use of a large number of applications.

Instead we have the brand Panasonic which aesthetically differs from the previous one and which is particularly more minimalist, uses Firefox OS, a monotonous SmartTV system that offers the user a wide variety of functions, functions and applications simple enough that we can install and update because it is based on HTML5 a distinctive code in programming.

Our Customers LG with work innovative and simple in terms of interface, this operating system called WebOS has the quality of having direct access to a large number of services and applications which provides the platform quite quickly and easily and not only that, but also provides an optimization of the access speed to Internet by improving both wired and wi-fi connections.

Sony differs from the previous ones because the famous Japanese company, top of technology and innovation items, brings a optimized Android system , with an exceptional catalog of applications extracted directly from the Google Play Store, thus being the Smart TV with more capacity and variety in terms of applications, giving us a familiar essence to that of a Smartphone.

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How do I know which operating system my Smart TV has?

As simple as shooting on the ground, just for identify the brand of our smart TV , once identified with the above on operating systems, each brand of TV has an operating system installed based on the company that differs in both aesthetics and functionality from each other we can reflect the start of the TV when switching on or the design of the icons and applications.

  • The operating system Tizen identifies with the use of blue and the marine aesthetic which confers upon entering the TV menu, as well as icons and applications are separated by services and networks in order to distinguish themselves from other systems by being more organized in groups than individually, and has a more square and larger design.
  • Firefox OS is usually more minimalist and opting for a design circular and more colorful, its icons are sort of balloons or circles that contain streaming services and applications.
  • WebOS is perhaps the most modern in terms of interface, vibrating a diagonal panorama of applications and services that are usually identified by icons and vivid colors characteristic of the Korean brand, being easy to identify and even separated from the aforementioned, being easy to view and more chromatic.
  • We can distinguish Android simply by seeing in the interface the presence of the Play Store to be able to install applications like Instagram because it is the only operating system that has the ability to have PlayStore and which is usually the one that contains more applications and services due to the notorious accessibility that Google grants together with its other platform services, being simple and beautiful to look at.
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In summary, it can be said that we can identify the operating system of our Smart TV knowing the brand of the TV and the aesthetics of its platform, being distinctive and with different creation codes, some smaller in terms of applications but others being faster or more aesthetically speaking, with different section designs and organization of services.

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