How to know who checks or visits my Facebook profile on Android and iPhone

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Facebook is the most popular social network out there so far. It is estimated that the majority of the population is registered on Facebook. For this 2020, it is said that at least 32% of the population over 13 is in this social network, with around 3,8 million people.

So, out of so many people, it would be nice to know who is visiting ours Facebook profile on our Android or iPhone devices.

How do I know who visits my Facebook profile?

Average Facebook users are 25 to 34 years old, it is a platform that is normally used to connect with people and their lives, their tastes and all the information they want to share on it.

It can also be used for marketing. Its importance in this field allows us to acquire new customers , service customers and after-sales channels, retain old customers, launch products and promotions, create an image, communication channel with the media, etc.

How to know who checks or visits my profile on Facebook on Android or iPhone?

Are you curious about who controls your Facebook profile? There are ways that allow us to get this information in a simple way, here you will find the same for both Android and iPhone, check the information:

  • The most reliable: search through complex codes to see who visits your Facebook profile:
  1. Log into your Facebook profile.
  2. Enter the main page (where you can find news and interaction).
  3. Press F12, Ctrl + u or you have to right click anywhere, at that moment a menu will appear in which you will have to select the 'Inspect' option to which you must immediately press 'Ctrl + F'.
  4. Then a text box will appear where you will have to write 'friends list', everything is lowercase and without quotes, there will be a series of numbers and you will have to write it (does not allow copy and paste).
  5. Finally you have to write down in the search engine and there insert the code you copied earlier.
  6. You can review each code to see all the people who have entered your profile.
  • Facebook flat: you don't need to use source codes, you need to install this tool, but it only works for google chrome:
  1. You have to go to the left column and click on "Visitor Profile".
  2. There you will see the list of people who have visited your profile.
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These are the safe ways, the apps that promise to do it or you buy to do it they are usually scams or even viruses for your mobile phone.

That's why we look for the only reliable ones, only they are only available for Google Chrome.

Who visits your Facebook profile?

After the description of how to see who enters your profile, we want to give you some little security tips that you should keep in mind to avoid getting hacked or some strange person having your information.

Control the users who access your profile in a simple way:

  • You need to go to settings.
  • Click "Security and Access".
  • Select "Where are you signed in".

This is to know where you are logged in, in case you think someone has logged into your account without your permission, and if so, you should click where it says "log out of all devices".

Remember before changing your password or starting from scratch and entering "I forgot the password" to protect your account.

Watch out for those apps that promise everything from seeing who's viewed your profile, how to increase "likes" or friends.

Usually these types of applications are scams or viruses that can harm yours Android phone, iPhone or tablet.

If you have downloaded an application that you do not know or have doubts about. The first thing to do is delete it and it is recommended to format your phone in a second, in case it contains any type of virus.

Remember that applications should not provide too much information, such as first and last names, age, gender, bank accounts, among others.

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If you download an application and it asks you for so much private information, you should be suspicious of it and delete it on the spot. Before deleting it, it is advisable to revoke its permissions and hope that they have not been able to download yours personal information.

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