How to know who is calling me from an unknown number with Truecaller app

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There is nothing weirder than receiving constant calls from a hidden or unknown number and wanting to know about it. It's always a little curious to know who's calling. However, with the TrueCaller application, it will reveal the identity of the caller. If you want to learn how to do this, check out the topic How to know who is calling me from an unknown number with TrueCaller App.

      How the Truecaller app works

      You may be wondering how a simple application will be able to detect and recognize who is calling you, if it could be anyone in the world. But the truth is that TrueCaller is not a simple app, since has a fairly extensive number collection system.

      When we go to download the TrueCaller app on our phone, whether it is in the Play Store or the iOS App Store, a simple experience begins, but with a complex background. When you access the application, you will be asked if it can access your contacts and manage your phone calls.

      When you allow this action, the application collects your contacts and merges them with the approx three millions of stored numbers of other users. What it allows is that, when a stranger calls you, the app, which has already collected dozens of numbers, recognizes the stranger.

      It could be said that TrueCaller is an anti-spam app, using it we can identify the call , because if many other users qualify a certain number as "unwanted", or that it is not of interest, the app will notify you. So if that number calls, you will be able to know before answering whether the call is relevant or not.

      The application also serves to block calls and text messages from strangers and avoid it if necessary. In addition, you will have a "blacklist", where you can enter the numbers you block so that they no longer bother you.

      How to know who is calling me from an unknown number with Truecaller app

      The first thing you should do is download TrueCaller on your phone, then depending on which operating system you have, download the app from the corresponding app store. After the application is successfully installed on your phone, you need to enter it.

      Once inside, you have to click the button "Start" so that later you will receive several messages asking for permission to access contacts, messages, among others. You need to allow this app to access this type of data for the app to work properly. Once you allow it, you will no longer be asked these questions.

      Now, the second pass still corresponds to the configuration app , so now you need to enter your phone number in the application. You must enter the country code and your number in the boxes provided. Then, press Continue, then you have to wait a few seconds for the application to process your data and then make a test call.

      Next, you will be taken through at least four sections where you will be told some things you can do related to Truecaller. Click "Forward" as you read everything that is explained to you and then you will be done configuring the app. Now, whenever you want, you can use the application whenever you want, because its use is up to you.

      From now on, when you receive a call from a stranger, TrueCaller will show you the name of the person and the location where they are calling you. They will then come to you presented with three options : 1) call back the unknown number, 2) save the number in phonebook and 3) block the number.

      From now on, when you get a call from a stranger it will no longer be a puzzling situation. With the simple installation and configuration of TrueCaller, the identity of the person on the other end of the phone will not be unknown, and if it turns out to be someone undesirable, you will be able to block them.

      Knowing where they are calling you is also more effective and you will be able to act in time in case of suspicion. Receiving calls has never been as comfortable as it will be for you with the advantages of TrueCaller! Go and download the app now!

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