How to know who sees the stories or photos I upload to my Facebook account

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The photos or images that we upload to our social networks they will always be a source of intrigue or curiosity , knowing who is observing them, whether in their presentation of a common image or in the form of a story, will always give us curiosity to decipher the surrounding enigmas to the spectators of the same.

And not yes lingers alone on the curiosity of the third , but it also hangs over our own steps, the desire to see past Facebook stories, is a clear example of human curiosity that has no chronological limits, just as it is in the opposite direction. , the topic of subtlety, and you want to see Facebook Stories without them knowing.

Likewise, images and stories either become an interior design theme or reveal an image that will be the initial attraction theme when you do log into your Facebook profile , so much so that you can add exceptional stories on Facebook or do the same on Instagram.

In addition to curiosity, it has no limits, this is how the desire from the Instagram interface is embodied, to be able to know who has seen the stories you highlight in that social space. It is not something alien or profane, it is human curiosity to be free. AND we will help you fill these cravings of knowledge.

    Who sees my featured stories on Facebook?

    The Facebook Stories section it works in a similar way to Instagram's social app stories, both have an eye icon in the lower corners, showing a list of people who have been able to view our stories.

    However, in Instagram Featured Stories, only the same icon appears with a counter for the number of people who have viewed your Stories, so the question arose whether Facebook worked the same way of Instagram and its featured stories.

    In fact, the answer is that they work differently since Facebook lets you see which people have seen the your featured stories, this can be seen as follows:

    -We enter the our Facebook profile.

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    -We'll go to ours featured stories and we will insert one of those we have.

    -When within the highlighted story, in the corner in lower right we can see the eye icon that we will press.

    -Open this option we can see a list of all the people who have seen your story Facebook first piano .

    Can they see my Facebook Stories without being friends?

    If your profile is configured to be fully public, if people on Facebook who see your profile can also see your featured stories.

    This is possible because in the privacy section in the settings section the your profile accepts that you can show from your post to your featured stories.

    How to know from the mobile?

    To be able to see it, simply go to your Facebook profile, go to your featured stories, enter anyone and click the eye icon to open the people list, although sometimes due to the configuration you have, you can only see a counter with the number of people who have seen your stories.

    How to know from the PC?

    Basically if you are from your computer or PC, the process is pretty much the same, go to your Facebook profile, you will see your highlighted stories posted, enter one of them, click on the eye icon and you will be able to see how many people have seen your stories, including unknown people.

    How to know the number of times my stories are viewed?

    While Facebook allows us features such as being able to view people who see our Stories featured and also people we haven't added, the platform has not yet any function like knowing the number of times a person has seen your story.

    Steps to watch reactions on my Facebook Stories

    Something very dynamic with what the stories tell in general, it is the use of making a reaction about them, it is very practical in case it is not so necessary to answer a story in general.

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    Both Instagram and Facebook have this feature, in the case of Facebook, the reactions we can make to a story they range from like to like, passing through I enjoy myself, I am amazed, saddened and angry.

    these we can do as many times as we want in a story and if they react to a story we can also see it, we can see them by entering the story, touching the eye icon and seeing from the list that people in addition to seeing the story reacted.

    Can you remove reactions in a story?

    Although on the Instagram platform we have a feature for that, unfortunately on Facebook is not yet available to disable or delete reactions in the stories, however we have options such as turning off or suppressing notifications.

    If you are interested in this temporary solution, you can do it when you get a notification that someone reacted to your story.

    After you enter the notification we will be in degree of see the list of the person who reacted your story along with the rest of the people who did it.

    If you click on the three dots that appear next to the person who reacted to your story, a small window will appear that offers us two options, in particular to delete this notification or generally disable reaction notifications to your story, in this case you will select the second option.

    In this way we will not receive notifications if they have reacted to our stories, however, they can still react to them.

    Stories are presented as a sample that users give to their friends on Facebook, on topics or events that they will deem important to themselves. Which will be limited to a period of XNUMX continuous and interrupted hours, where they will be able to see the people who have been chosen from the privacy section. AND we can know who has seen them in a simple way .

    To do this, you need to enter Facebook, from your mobile or computer, once inside the account, the news section will appear. Up, you can see the stories , including those of the user.

    Not only from the news space you can see the story that has been published, also in the internal section of the profile you can see it, making a clip on the profile picture that show the option to see the story , if done from the mobile application.

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    When viewing the story, at the bottom you can see an icon that resembles the iconography of an eye. By creating a clip on it, a list will be displayed with users who have seen the story, you can explore the list at your leisure and browse among the spectators.

    Likewise, Facebook shows, along with the viewer's name, the reactions they gave to the story. Remember that the ability to react is optional, so if the reaction doesn't appear, that means the viewer has never done it , but he saw history.

    How do I know who sees the photos I upload to my Facebook account?

    Nothing is impossible, if it is possible know who has seen the photos uploaded to the Facebook account . Although it should be clarified that this is not a direct and pompously advertised sample on the platform, in any way, but if it is possible to know it, in two ways.

    The first will be the deduction, although the option to know who sees the photos on Facebook is true , it is not a direct possibility, if it is indirectly. Through logic it is possible to know who has seen a photo, the use of reactions or likes is an indirect method to know who has seen a photo.

    Nobody likes or reacts to something they have not observed, so knowing in detail who has seen it is to review the list of likes or reactions. Likewise, when you get a like notification on an image that was posted a long time ago, it's a guarantee that that person is stalking , and so you can know who has just seen it.

    Another way is to configure the privacy, this limits or expands the possibility of visibility of the photos, which allows the user to know and manage who will see their images, that although it is not said or announced who sees them, if known, why they have been configured so that a particular person or persons have access to the observation.

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