How to limit or unblock PayPal sendings and withdrawals step by step

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Paypal is one of the platforms most used by users to send and receive money, not to mention the many payment services it offers, since most commercial premises accept payments via Paypal.

However, Paypal has measures di accesso and very strict safety to ensure that each user's money is always protected from possible threats such as scams or suspicious payments.

For this reason, it is quite common for them to be presented withholdings with some payments when sending or receiving money. Other measures Paypal can take are to limit accounts with suspicious activity. In this way the funds cannot be mobilized.

This can result in a big deal and inconvenience for those people who receive limitations on their payments or directly on their accounts. Since this Paypal decision is totally arbitrary and without precedent parameters, anyone is exempt from it.

For this reason, in the following article we will explain step by step how to unlock limited payments and how to limit payments and accounts in Paypal.

    Types of withholding tax and how to resolve it

    The first thing to clarify is that there are two types of payments withheld . One that is kept for 24 hours and others that take more than 24 hours to release.

    To identify the type of withholding that Paypal has imposed on your payment, you must go to the email with which you created your account. You may notice that you will have an email in your tray stating the type of storage.

    If the retention is 24 hours, it is necessary to wait for the time necessary for the release , as there is no other way to revoke the retention. After the time, the money can be used normally.

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    If the retention is not for 24 hours, you can release it if you have, or ask the person who made it to release it. To do this you must log into your account and select the relevant transaction.

    In the details of it you will see a button that will say confirm payment. You will have to click there. Then another screen will appear where we have to confirm again so that the retention is released and the money arrives satisfactorily.

    Reasons why Paypal can withhold your payments

    In general terms, the main reasons why PayPal suspends a payment are usually related to security. There may be several factors, but there are three reasons fundamental that could induce PayPal to make withholdings on your payments.

    Many of these reasons determine whether you are a buyer or seller on Ebay. Since Paypal is the main payment platform on Ebay, the reputation you mentioned above buying and selling site will directly affect the possibility of PayPal withholding your payments.

    If you don't have a good reputation on Ebay, it is very likely that any transactions you make or receive can be held by Paypal. They do this so that the product reaches its destination satisfactorily.

    Another factor that has weight for Paypal is the age of the account. If this is relatively new or has been recently created, it is possible that the movements will be held back for safety.

    The third reason depends on the activity or inactivity the account may have . If you get paid suddenly or send one after a long time without using the account, surely the money will be withheld to verify that the movement is not strange.

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    What to do if the payment or money transfer is not released in PayPal?

    Paypal may not release the payment and this is because the customer does not report having received the product in case we are sellers.

    Another reason why Paypal may not lift a suspension is because the user you made the transaction with has filed a complaint with the platform. This can happen because the user is not satisfied with the product.

    Either way, you need to provide Paypal with a set of documents that they serve as proof for revoke the withholding.

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