How to listen to an audio without marking it as seen or listen - Transcribe for WhatsApp

WhatsApp may be the most effective messaging network today, with around 2 billion users worldwide. This communicative social network seems to stand out as one that can't be missing on your phone or anyone else's. It also gives us options like listening to an audio without marking it as read, and if you want to find out how, read on!

WhatsApp is so useful that it can even be configured for use by the elderly, making it easier for them to communicate with their loved ones.

How to listen to an audio without marking it as seen or listening - Transcribe for WhatsApp (read an audio)

However, one of the issues that annoys the users the most is the appearance of the check mark every time we open a message. If after reading it we do not want to answer, the tick will be a problem, since it warns the interlocutor that we have seen the message.

Even so, it will be enough to deactivate the read confirmation option in the settings of our WhatsApp itself. In this post we will show you how to listen to an audio without marking it seen or heard - Transcriber for WhatsApp

      How to listen to an audio without marking it seen or heard?

      While we can turn off our read receipts so it won't be known when we're reading messages, when listening to audios our control will be evident. This is because the voice notes they are not the same as written texts , however, what if they could work the same way?

      If you want to be able to listen to a voice memo without checking the read receipt, simply playing it from the notification bar isn't enough. Contrary to what some claim, this doesn't mean that the vocal note doesn't confirm that we played it.

      So that you don't have to play it and don't mark it as seen, you can use the app called Transcribe by WhatsApp . It will take care of transcribing the audio content into text so that you can read it without marking it in sight or listening to it.

      Did you know! WhatsApp allows you to send and read messages with the Google assistant, with a few simple steps.

      Transcribe for WhatsApp

      Transcribe for WhatsApp is an application for mobile phones and devices equipped with Whatsapp, which allows you to convert your voice notes into text messages very easily. By using it on a voice note that has been sent to you, you can read its contents without playing it or marking it as displayed.

      While it is understood that there will be bugs sometimes, the margin of error is really low compared to other apps. For this reason, Transcriber for WhatsApp is much more useful and stands out from all other text transcription apps. It is worth noting that in order for the check mark not to appear in the sent voice note, the confirmations are deactivated .

      How to download Transcriber for WhatsApp?

      To use Transcriber for WhatsApp on your mobile device, you need to go to the default app store on your phone. For example, if you're using an Android OS device, go to the Play Store and search for the name of the application, as soon as you receive it, download it.

      When you download it, you just have to open it and learn to use it following the same instructions that the application should be able to give you. If, on the other hand, you don't intend to use it on your phone but on a computer or PC, the steps to follow vary a bit.

      Starting with the fact that when you do your search you will do it through an internet search engine like Google and you will download the app from an official page.

      How to use Transcriber to listen to unmarked audio read on WhatsApp?

      It's quite easy to use Transcriber for WhatsApp to read an audio, as it doesn't involve any kind of problem to learn how to use it. To begin with, we must select the voice message that we want to appear as text to read it.

      After marking it, we must tap on the "Share" option, only of that voice message that we want to read. Now, let's search among all the available sharing apps for the Transcriber for WhatsApp, and choose it for start transcribing the voice memo.

      Once you've already chosen Transcriber as the application to share audio with without playing it first, you simply have to wait. After the period of time necessary for the correct functioning of the application, you will see the text appear with a minimum of errors on the screen.

      We hope these tips help you a lot, even in you can learn how to record and send a voice message without pressing the microphone . So don't forget to visit us, so you can know more WhatsApp related topics.

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