How to locate or find my lost mobile phone with my Xiaomi Mi Band

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There are companies and companies that have been able to evolve over the years and they have achieved significant growth in the world of technology by launching all kinds of completely useful and interesting products such as mobile devices, computers, laptops, tablets, smart watches and many other more completely needed terminals today.

these they offer us an immense amount of options , tools, functions and tools that are vital, necessary or only widely used in our daily life, helping us in all kinds of actions and activities such as work, leisure, education and more. These terminals have become a complement in our lives in several respects.

Without a doubt, one of the most commonly used items that have been named above are, of course, mobile devices. These are considered to be the most purchased accessories in the world, so a good one number of people around the planet has its own smartphone with which it can use all its functions in complete freedom.

Smartphones as such have been incredibly successful in the market and have managed to evolve immensely in recent years, presenting their users with all kinds of features and specifications never seen before in the past, thus demonstrating a new era of change and technology starting the future.

On the other hand, along with this constant growth, the implementation of smartphone accessories . Among the most common products we can find AirPods (wireless headphones), Bluetooth speakers or horns and, of course, smart watches, the latter being one of the most purchased accessories lately.

    What is a smart watch?

    It is a new and interesting tool to which we can connect with our mobile device. As the name suggests, smart watches are completely changed and updated terminals with which we will have a large number of options and tools in addition to being able to see the time. These have a very similar design to that of a common watch but with important details.

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    From these devices we can control various functions both directly connected to our mobile phone (apps and notifications) and much more focused on us, on the our activities and our daily rhythm . That's right, thanks to smart watches we can also do a thorough monitoring of our actions during the day.

    With smart watches we can see our calories burned during exercise or not, the number of steps taken during the day or, failing that, the number of kilometers traveled, we can measure our heart rate and many other options focused on us and all that which you normally do.

    Many reputable companies have brought it to the market their own versions of smart watches where we can name important companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Apple, Xiaomi and others. But on the other hand, if we have to choose the best smartwatch version among them, Xiaomi can be the first.

    Xiaomi Mi Band (smart watches).

    Since mid 2014 Xiaomi has been tasked with launching an excellent series of smart watches on the market, with 2020 as the date of the latest presentation of these respective terminals. The Xiaomi Mi Band has proven to have great quality and a large list of options and features to offer its users at any time of the day.

    These smartwatches have an e system a completely intuitive, elegant and easy to use interface with which we will have all the possible tools to which users will have total freedom of use and access.

    How to use a Xiaomi Mi Band to find my phone

    • Our first step will be to scroll through all the icons of our Mi Band until you find the "other" section.
    • Once there, we will be shown a long list of options such as the stopwatch, the alarm function of the Mi Band, timer, silence, among others, in which we will choose "Find phone".
    • Once this is chosen, a button will be presented with which we can activate the alarm . This generates quite a loud and annoying noise, so it will be perfect for finding our phone if for some reason we have lost it somewhere in our house.
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    How to set up Find device option with Xiaomi Mi Band

    Can I find my device if it is turned off?

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