How to log out of other users in Windows 10 - quick and easy

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The world of digitization is very vast, thanks to this we can carry out all types of IT activities we want to imagine. For example, being able to access an important tool like Internet which allows us to always stay in touch with the world around us.

To be able to carry out this type of activity, you need a device specially designed for it, for example i computer . They were the ones who allowed the use of computers as we know it today.

In this way it has become possible to run all kinds of programs in an increasingly practical and simple way. Over the years, computers have adapted more and more to the use that people can give them.

What are user sessions for in Windows 10?

It is very important to point out that to make a computer work it is necessary to use an operating system, this is what allows us to run all programs that we want. Among the most used are the Microsoft Windows operating system and its most recent Windows 10 update.

The number of people currently using this system is amazing, this is due to the great features that Windows 10 has. This new version is much faster and more educational than the previous versions, the programs it offers are very useful and complete on the fly to perform any tasks, such as sharing files and folders between user accounts.

Similarly, the general interface that Windows 10 offers is very useful, one of the most relevant features is that of accessing Windows 10. Through a Microsoft account it is possible to have greater access to Windows functions. You can log in automatically without a password.

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This basically helps us to be closer to the applications that Windows offers us. We can share information in a practical way between applications and platforms, we can also control the Windows interface in a more personalized way, as well as many other things.

Something that is of great help, especially if the computer is being used by more than one person, is the ability to log in with multiple accounts or start multiple sessions . This function is very practical, it allows each person to have individual control of the computer.

But in some cases, maybe we don't want to have so many sessions in our Windows 10 and we want to be alone with ours or take a specific account. Thanks to the good features offered by Windows 10, it is possible to do the above.

In this article, we will easily and simply learn how to log out of other users in Windows 10.

Steps to log out of other users in Windows 10

If we want to close the session that another person has started on our computer, we can do it very easily. First, we need to start our personal session in Windows 10.

The next step will be to open the Windows 10 task manager , this action can be performed via basic commands. Holding down the (Ctrl) key without releasing we press the (Shift) key and without releasing the previous two we press the (Esc) key, the task manager will automatically open.

If the above commands didn't work, we can open the task manager with other commands. If we press the (Ctrl) key without releasing, we press the (Alt) key and then the (Del) key, the blue screen will open on our computer, there we select the option "Task Manager" .

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With one of the two previous methods we will open this tool in a very simple way. Now we need to select the tab "Users" located at the top of the task manager window.

In this way we can observe all the user accounts that are open on our computer, if we want to delete some we just have to select it.

Finally, we right-click on the account we want to delete and select the option "Disconnect", following the previous steps we will have deleted the session in Windows 10.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you . Were you able to disconnect from other users in Windows 10? Do you know of another suitable method to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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