How to make a good home Chroma Key Studio in an easy way?

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Today everyone is leaning towards their more artistic side. Be it your photos for social media or videos by downloading and installing Movie Maker on Windows 10, the age of digital art is here. That is why today you will learn how to do a good home study. Because if you love art, you have to keep climbing the ladder of what you can do.

And what better way to climb the ladder, than with a studio in your home that allows you to make effects somewhat similar to those of the great films. Because while it obviously won't be the same, having a green screen increases the possibilities of what you can create to 100%

It is one of the best Windows Movie Maker alternatives when it comes to expressing your ideas in quality videos or short films.

    What is needed to create a good Chroma key studio from home?

    To get the best study, logically you have to start by learning what a chroma key is. It's basically a audiovisual effect, which eliminates the content of images based on the color they have. In other words, in practical terms, it is a green screen, with which you can create visual effects while recording a video or taking a photo.

    The most used color to make a good homemade Chroma key study is green, but in some cases blue may also be used. It also doesn't just depend on the green screen or background, you also have to factor in the lighting and costumes.

    How to make a good quality homemade Chroma Key?

    To ensure that the project comes out in the best possible quality, you need to have at hand: a chromatic lighting kit, a fabric to place on the blue or green background (preferably the latter), available space in the house to be able to record.

    A good quality camera that has the best specifications (this depends on the project you are going to do) and finally a program that allows you to get the visual effect.

    Visual effects program

    To make a good home chroma key study it is essential to have a program that achieves the desired effect. There are many on the web, not only for computers like After Effect (which is one of the best), but also for Android or IOS.

    The best examples would be: Filmora Go (Android), I Movie (IOS). With these you can get color effects on your mobile so if you don't have a camera, this is your best option, all you have to do is download the respective applications (for computer or mobile) and follow the steps indicated to register correctly.

    Lighting bolt

    The way the studio is lit is one of the most important things along with the show, and that is that the lighting given to both the character and the background will be reflected in the final quality of the product.

    To have good lighting you need: two spotlights to illuminate the background (placed at 90 degrees), plus a backlight to illuminate the character (this should be placed behind the character at an angle).

    You also need a character key light (this should be positioned at a 45 degree angle to the center of the image), a fill light for the character (still at 45 degrees but on the opposite side of the previous one, to eliminate the shadows).

    And finally the overhead light (this isn't entirely necessary, but if you want to place it it goes above the character, depending on your scene layout).

    clothing or clothing

    The last key factor you need to learn for doing a good homemade chroma key studio is the clothes to wear. Well, basically you shouldn't wear green, as that will be the color that will be eliminated thanks to the screen, so you have to try to use a costume that goes with the opposite color of green on the color wheel, which is red. , and different shades of purple.

    You can supplement your wisdom with knowledge of what Adobe Photoshop and its tools are for sketching out a previous design of a character with costumes.

    Although if you want to play it safe and get the best quality, it's best to dress in black or white , as they will never cause interference.

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