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Learn to write one professional cover letter it is essential from the moment a person enters the world of work.

Whether you have intermediate, advanced or specialized studies; like your experience is extensive or non-existent, it doesn't matter. Well, this type of document does not distinguish between these aspects.

In fact, anyone applying for a work , and is about to send your own Curriculum vitae o CV , must accompany it with a letter of introduction.

      What is a professional cover letter?

      This is nothing more than a letter in which the candidate for a position or job makes himself known professionally. In it, the person concerned explains the reasons why he or she is the best prospect to get that job.

      A cover letter like this it must never replace the CV . And one of the most important aspects of these documents is to present the experience you have in the corresponding area.

      Just like the cover letter is a short introduction to demonstrating why you should be considered for the job, the Curriculum Vitae is where you will demonstrate your true qualities, therefore, it is important that you know both how to create and make a Curriculum Vitae in Canva as in Freepik

      If, on the other hand, the user has no work experience, what they should do is a Curriculum vitae for the first job where you talk about the own skills, competences, attitudes and why they want to join the company.

      How to write a presentation document from a template?

      There are many cover letter templates Professional on the web, many of which are freely accessible and just need to be filled out.

      In this sense, on pages like Resume Templates, you can download many free templates of these documents, with different presentations and designs.

      You just need to go to the page, study the diversity of options and click on the button " Download " of the letter you want.

      Next, you will need to download two types of Word documents . The first for recent releases and the second for 93-2007 presentations.

      Finally, you just have to open the file you downloaded and change the data. By entering your information and the professional cover letter you wrote.

      What should a professional presentation document contain?

      There are a number of items you shouldn't forget when writing your letter. But they cannot be placed in any way or without an established order, here you will see one of the best ways to place them.

      The recipient and the sender

      Is very important enter the correct information of the person who will receive the document. For example, these letters are usually reviewed by the head of the human resources (HR) department.

      On the other hand, your data must also be entered correctly, without errors and very clear. Especially the contact ones.

      a dutiful greeting

      The opening greeting goes addressed directly to the recruiter , with his name and surname. As in the previous case.

      This creates a feeling of empathy, making the person more receptive to what they will read next.

      The first paragraph

      And one of the most important of a professional cover letter. You have to write it halfway between seriousness and a little informality , obligatorily placing the following points:

      • Your full name.
      • In which area did you develop your most important work experience and time spent.
      • Teaching degree.
      • Field of study.
      • How and when did you hear about the candidacy?
      • What are your professional goals.

      Central text

      Two or three paragraphs in the body of the letter will suffice. In these, you will have to deepen your personal information and describe in a nutshell, but in detail the following:

      • Explain that you are responding to the job offer, that you have what they are looking for.
      • Your skills and how you will use them to benefit the company.
      • Because your personality fits the position well.
      • How can you help the company achieve its goals?

      Clarify availability and closure

      It is essential to clearly clarify that you are available to be interviewed . Encouraging is also very helpful and shows interest.

      Finally, goodbye. In which it is good that you thank them for the time they have dedicated to you , entering your data and remembering that, if you do not receive any news, you will contact them again.

      When it comes to interviewing, it's also important to bring along Letters of Recommendation from your old jobs which will help you present yourself as a more attractive candidate.

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