How to make an image transparent in Libre Office Writer easily?

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Office type programs are the ones that make life easier when doing any work. That's why when a version for free software came out, the surprise was pleasant. Today you will learn just that, how easily make an image transparent in LibreOffice Writer.

Because although Microsoft Office is still the ultimate option for creating slides and documents, this alternative is equal or better.

Which makes learning very important, to never run out of options, should for some reason fail with Windows.

      Cos'è Free Office Writer?

      Easily making an image transparent in LibreOffice Writer is anything but opening a Word document without using Microsoft Office.

      It's not something that advanced, i.e. you don't need to have impressive knowledge of program management. But it's important to know at least some context about the application you're about to use.

      Remember that it does not belong to the Windows Office suite, so even if you install Microsoft Office online in Windows 10 you will not have access to it. Much less use Microsoft Office online free to open files generated in Libre Office in another way.

      Libre Office Writer is a word processing component, it's basically a fork of Open Office Writer (they're like cousins).

      It is published under the GNUv3 license and has many features that make it a perfect program to write. The first would be that it can be used on both Linux and Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X e FreeBSD.

      Also, it can be saved in many formats like DOC, XHTML , among others. Adding even more versatility is the export of documents to PDF.

      Contains a mechanism that allows you to complete words, a spell checker. Also, methods to be able to design a page to your liking.

      Dialog boxes, autocomplete, bibliographic database, color and line style support. Added to the equation editors, the ability to plug graphs into it and create a transparent image.

      Make an image transparent in LibreOffice Writer easily

      Now to what concerns you, the first thing to do to achieve the task is to insert an image into the text. Go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click " Insert ", this will show a menu of options where the next to select is " Image ", after which a box called "Da file" click there.

      A search box will open where you can find the image you are looking for within your PC, so click on " apri " And that's it.

      The ideal way to make an image transparent in LibreOffice Writer easily and efficiently is to make it fill the whole page, for this you need to crop it. Start by left clicking on the image and then click on the option that will appear with the same name " Image ".

      A new section will appear with several tabs, go to " Cut out ", here first click the option "Keep scale" and then place the image width parameters to be 70,8% of its height, this is the best option it fits on the writer's page.

      When you're ready, click on "OK", once the image has changed, bring it to the lower right corner and from there expand it so that it takes up the whole page without being distorted.


      With all the previous steps ready, you need to get the transparency, for this you have to insert another image (with the same steps that are above), after you get it, go to the toolbar and click on the tab " Immagine " , a window will be delegated, select "Toolbar" performed by " Image ".

      At the bottom of the box that will appear, there is the section " Transparency ", here you just have to lower the percentage to adapt it to what you want and that's it.

      It is recommended to use images without borders or background for create transparency and to always build one image on top of another for better quality. If you did everything right, you should already know how to easily make an image transparent in LibreOffice Writer, so get on your computer and start practicing!

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