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Take a round photo for social networks it's one of the things everyone wants to do sooner or later. Photographs have long represented a way to preserve memories destined to last over time.

A photograph can be considered a means to capture important moments . These have merged with social networks in an incredible way, so much so that it is impossible not to find one on the networks.

You have to be cautious when uploading a photo to social networks, therefore, you have to find the best ways to protect your social network so that you don't take any kind of risk.

    Taking a round photo for social networks is very simple to do, like everything related to networks. They all have similarities and, among other things, they allow you to insert a profile photo, especially if it is Instagram, one of the most used social networks.

    To do this, you have to go (with the session active) to the profile picture, which is located in the lower right part of the 'App'. Then, select the option "Edit Profile" and find the "Change Profile Picture" option. The photos in your gallery will be instantly displayed.

    Then select the photo you prefer and, press the figure with the shape of an arrow, which is in the part in top right of the 'App' , a list of filters will appear in it, you can choose one and then press the arrow figure again.

    Finally, put the sign in the shape of "Good" , press it and that's it, your profile picture has been changed. If, on the other hand, you want to upload the content of a person into your story and want to replace the face with another in a photo, you can do it without complications.

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    Making a round photo for social networks does not pose any danger. However, you are nowhere sure, so you must have some mistrust in any aspect of daily life, primarily social networks.

    Anyone has access to social networks, but it is not known which of them could be a possible striker or 'Hater'. Often many people share their location on networks like "Facebook Messenger or even share their phone number".

    Actions like these can put people at risk and put them in imminent danger, since any user who has access to such information can use it to their own advantage and may not be useful. Many deaths, kidnappings and robberies originated from these causes.

    For these reasons, it is best to avoid sharing personal information, as you do not know who can access and use it in a negative way, to the point of being able to use it against you. However, everything is relative, well, you may never have an experience negative with social networks , but it's better to be safe.

    Tools to crop an image in a circular fashion

    one of the most used tools is Photoshop , has definitely become a favorite for circular image cropping on the market. To do this, we just need to select the area we want to appear in our circle. Then you duplicate the layer and choose the magic frame tool. The circumference that will be kept with the copy will automatically be performed there. At the end press the accept option and that's it.

    You can also do it online by editing web pages designed to facilitate this process. Like Pixlr and picmonkey, here you just need to open the image you want to crop in a circular way and the app will automatically perform this procedure. So you just have to place it as your profile photo on your social networks.

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    In Android

    Taking a round photo for social networks can be very useful to give a different touch to your profiles. To edit a photo e give it a round shape you just have to use an application called 'Round Photo'.

    The application in question must be downloaded to your mobile device, just go to the app store and install it. Once this step is complete, go to your phone's menu and open the "Round Photo" application.

    The images of your gallery will be displayed, you have to locate and select the one you prefer, press the 'Good' sign and the photo will be displayed with a rounded shape, from there you can enlarge the photo without losing quality, or you can zoom out if you prefer.

    You can also enter a background color, simply by pressing the "Background" option a list of tones will appear, choose the one you want and that's it. Before saving it, if you like, you can rotate it in the desired direction.

    Finally, all that remains is to save the photograph and then mount it on your social networks , for this select the "Save" option and voila, the photo will be saved in your gallery and you can upload it to the social network you want.

    Other than that, you can also use the Circle Cutter application which, in addition to being very simple, is totally free and is available in the Play Store of your device. To do this, you just need to download and install it on your mobile, when you open it, press the + option and select the image you want to edit and crop it in the shape of a circle. Once selected, you just need to adjust the size of the circle and select the area you want to keep. Finally hit the share option and voila, it will be saved in your photo gallery.

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    and PC

    There are several options for this, but one of the best known is the page of the online edition of Canva . Here in less than 1 minute you can make this change. To do this, after entering Canva select the third tab called elements, there you will find a section called frames, you will select one in a circular way and proceed to upload the image you want to cut on the platform. Finally, choose the desired area and download it to choose it later as your profile photo on your social networks.

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